IE9 - Toolbar Issues?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by charliec, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. charliec

    charliec Guest

    I'm new to IE9 and am trying to get use to the interface. first
    question, is there a way to have the Toolbar(s) items to be right
    justified vs. left justified (the items were right justified on the
    bar in IE8.

    Second question - I don't really like the Bing bar and removed it and
    replaced it with the Yahoo! bar (which I used in IE8), but the Yahoo!
    toolbar appears to have been taken over my HP (something), and it is a
    mess. Is there a way to fix this and get back to the normal Yahoo!

    charliec, Sep 9, 2012
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  2. charliec

    SC Tom Guest

    To answer your first question, no, there isn't any way to change the
    justification without a 3rd-party app (I use Classic Shell to make my IE9 similar to IE8).

    I can't help you with the second question since I can't stand ANY of the
    Bing, Yahoo, or Google toolbars. If I were to guess, I'd say uninstall it,
    then reinstall it, watching each of your installation choices VERY
    SC Tom, Sep 9, 2012
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  3. charliec

    charliec Guest

    Thanks, I will look at that!
    charliec, Sep 10, 2012
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