If Microsoft give up MSN-branded products after the launch of 'live", should I be going to lose my @

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Guest, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi, if anyone here are from Microsoft and could you answer my qusestion?

    If Microsoft give up MSN-branded products after the launch of 'live", should
    I be going to lose my @msn.com Email?
    Or could I be able to keep my @msn.com email as long as I like?

    Thank you!
    Guest, Dec 23, 2006
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  2. Guest

    DGuess Guest

    There are too many @msn addresses to convert over so I imagine they'll all
    stay, same as Hotmail.

    When they start it all up, any new accounts I would imagine would be @live

    I would imagine also that when the @live addresses become available, there
    would be a rush of people trying to get the same username as they have for
    Hotmail and MSN.

    But then, we are talking about Microsoft and MSN... they could do something
    really strange.
    DGuess, Dec 23, 2006
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  3. Guest

    Theorbo Guest

    For what it's worth, I read recently where Microsoft has decided to keep the
    MSN brand alongside the Live.com initiative. My understanding is that they
    felt the MSN brand equity was too high to simply discard it ...
    Theorbo, Dec 23, 2006
  4. Well duh. Sorry that sarcasm is not meant for you Theorbo, it is meant for
    Microsoft. The whole Windows Live site/strategy/services has heretofore
    been a head scratcher for most folks that I talk to. Microsoft took
    something cool like VirtualEarth and flippin *BURIED* it under
    local.live.com - huh?? Sorry but I really didn't get that one. The live
    search capability is not bad. I use it as my primary search engine but
    until they can do something noticeably better than Google, everyone else I
    know will continue to use Google.

    I do think they have opportunities once they get their ducks in a row. I
    really like the Live Favorites add-in for IE7. Why there is a corresponding
    web site for my Live Favorites I'm not sure. I always use them via the
    plugin for my web browser. I also use Windows Live OneCare which is not bad
    for a v1.0 product. It is certainly a lot less "in your face annoying" than
    Symantec AV (which got the boot from my computers this year). I am also
    intrigued by the potential of backing up data to a Live server/drive on the
    internet for a fee. And finally, along the lines of Live Favorites, nirvana
    for me would be to have more of my "state" stored on an internet server. I
    use FeedDemon because it stores read/unread state on their server so when I
    go between home PC/work PC/laptop the state of all the posts I have read and
    not read is preserved. I also wish I had this for Outlook Express for
    newsgroups. There's also the potential for some cool sidebar gadgets from
    the Windows Live. How about a search gadget/agent that would allow me to
    specify a search and then the gadget would be updated when new/updated web
    pages are indexed that match the search criteria.
    Keith Hill [MVP], Dec 24, 2006
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