IMAP eMails will not be deleted on server

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Roland Schweiger, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. This might not be a problem of Windows Live Mail but just incase
    someone else experiences this:

    A few of my eMail accounts are IMAP with the German providers GMX and - both allow eMail access either via pop3 or IMAP, i prefer
    IMAP because i use the same accounts on multiple machines.
    Everything works and sync between the machines is ok.

    But when deleting the mails and emptying the "deleted items" folder
    (which i had to revert to "Gelöschte Objekte" because this is the
    system folder name in the German provider),
    WLM correctly shows that everything is deleted but when i log in with
    the webmailer, all messages are still there - they are all marked as
    read, but they will not delete.

    Is this a problem of the provider or could it be a WLM problem?

    The only thing i found in WLM under "Maintainance" is "permanently
    delete imap messages when leaving the folder" (my rough translation of
    the German WLM) - this is set,
    still the problem occurs.

    When logging in via the webmail interface of the provider, messages in
    the inbox remain, and also in the "deleted items" -
    but the syncing between my computers is ok : when i delete all
    messages in the inbox of one machine, they correctly dissappear on the
    other machine too, just, they remain on the server.

    Any ideas?


    Roland Schweiger
    Roland Schweiger, Apr 24, 2013
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