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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by CB, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. CB

    CB Guest

    I just wanted to relate a recent experience I had with Windows Update.
    Hopefully, if any of you also have experienced this problem I can save you
    some headaches and heartaches.

    I recently had to do a reinstall of my Vista Ultimate OS due to corrupted
    files or errors in the OS that could not be repaired. The corruption caused
    any and all keyboards, usb or wireless, to fail to function. The problem was
    not caused by out of date drivers or firmware, interference from another
    application or a software incompatibility. It could not be fixed using sfc
    /scan now, chkdsk or by using the repair option on the OS installation disk.

    As you know, reinstalling an operating system purchased in February of this
    year entails a lot of updates. During the tail end of the installation
    process many updates were automatically installed, as is normal. These
    updates installed effectively. However, when I attempted to install the
    remaining updates that show up after the reinstallation I had problems.

    The updates would install, and show up as successfully installed when
    viewing "Installed Updates" or "View Update History". They would subsequently
    uninstall themselves or be uninstalled upon the next reboot or after appx.
    20-30 minutes after the installation without a reboot, but would still show
    as being successfully installed. I would then see them mysteriously reappear
    on the list of available updates.

    I spent four hours on the telephone with three different Microsoft support
    agents. The same thing happened over and over and over again. Microsoft
    determined, after checking just about everything, that my C Drive was in the
    process of failing. Microsoft then had a conference call with Dell technical
    support and Dell agreed with Microsoft's decision.

    The hard drive failed as I was speaking with the Dell agent. The computer
    could not be made to boot in any mood by any method. I did not worry about
    anything because I back up my system, data and media on three additional
    drives by using Acronis TrueImage (best investment I ever made).

    A field technician arrived two days later and installed a new Dell hard
    drive complete with the operating system and software already installed (just
    one more reason I will buy a computer only from Dell, and I have purchased
    four of them in the past three years). I had to reinstall only a few software
    programs to get back to where I was before the failure.

    So, if any of you experience the same problem I had with the
    installing/uninstalling updates, please back up your operating system and
    data immediately. I now use the hard drive diagnostics software included with
    both of my 500GB WD MyBook external hard drives (I would also use their
    backup application but I had purchased Acronis before I bought the WD hard
    drives). I should have run the diagnostics much sooner. Although hard drives
    can certainly fail without any notice whatsoever they usually will give you
    indications of their pending failures.

    Although I am not a "fanboy" of Microsoft, I must give the technical support
    personnel credit for everything they did to try to help me. They were very
    patient and polite, their response was not initiated in or transferred to
    another country for troubleshooting and they were very knowledgeable. I
    couldn't be more pleased with the manner in which they accommodated me.

    Have a nice day.

    CB, Dec 30, 2007
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