Important notice to people who want to upgrade to Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Henry Jones, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Henry Jones

    Henry Jones Guest

    I have been reading posts from people who upgrade, do clean installs, etc...
    then they complain about losing their data. Where is it? My data is gone.

    Even if you don't upgrade, your hard drive could crash and all your data
    could be gone in an instant. Do you back up your data?

    I have 3 hard drives in my PC. The C: drive, I only have applications and
    the OS on it. I also have a D: and an E: drive. I put all my data on the
    D: drive and then I copy what I have done to folders on the E: drive. If
    my C: drive goes down, I can reinstall the OS on a new drive and my data is
    safe on D: and E:. No problem.

    If my D: or E: drive goes down, I have a copy on the other drive. Still no
    problem. Further still, my important data, my MP3's, movies, etc.... I burn
    to CD or DVD when I get enough to fill one. I store these at my parents
    house just in case my house burns down. You never know..

    I am safe with my data, my data is important to me and sometimes data is
    more valuable than the hardware it is on. For instance, I am a software
    developer, so my custom software is worth thousands of dollars to me and my
    customers. It is worth the time and effort to back up what I have.

    If your data is important, you should take a few minutes out and make sure
    that your data is safe.

    Just my two cents worth...

    Henry Jones, Jan 18, 2007
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