Importing bookmarks from AT&T Yahoo! Browser to save a marriage

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by problem-between-chair-and-keyboard, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. I am importing bookmarks into Explorer in Windows Vista. I did my browsing
    and bookmarking in Explorer in Windows XP, which has successfully imported.
    My wife used the AT&T Yahoo! Browser, which seems to have import
    functionality for the bookmarks, but not export. As a result, I can't figure
    out how to creat a file to read into the Vista Explorer.
    Your assistance would be very appreciated for the health of my marriage!
    problem-between-chair-and-keyboard, Feb 26, 2007
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  2. problem-between-chair-and-keyboard

    DGuess Guest


    See if this works

    It's from a page in Yahoo! Hacks

    Log into Yahoo! Bookmarks

    Apparently there is an Export button at the top to allow exporting to
    another Yahoo! browser.

    Select Export Bookmarks | Netscape (for Windows) | CLick Here

    You should end up with an html file named bookmarks.html

    If it's just HTML code, you can use that to import into IE

    File | Import and Export......

    If that fails, check the IAE newsgroups.

    I also can not recommend a good divorce lawyer, there aren't any in this
    DGuess, Feb 26, 2007
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