Importing Outlook Express messages into Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Brownie6x, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Brownie6x

    Brownie6x Guest

    I have exported my old messages in .pst file extension, but cannot find a way
    to import this very large file into Windows Mail? Can anyone give me a clue
    or tell me what to do? I hope so, and thanks in advance... Peace, Brownie
    Brownie6x, Mar 26, 2008
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  2. Brownie6x

    Guest Guest

    To import .pst files, you have two choices: 1. Install Outlook under
    preferably version 2003 or more recent. Version 2002 also works under
    Vista, but with a few problems. Windows Mail has problems importing
    ..pst files if it can't use part of Outlook to help it understand the .pst
    2. Import the file into Outlook Express on a computer that also has
    Outlook installed. Then import from Outlook Express to Windows Mail.



    If you want your old contacts, bring along the .wab file. After you copy
    the files to a directory on the hard drive of your new computer, make
    sure the copies are read-write instead of readonly before you import
    them into Windows Mail.
    Guest, Mar 26, 2008
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  3. PST is an Outlook format, not an Outlook Express format. To import into
    WinMail from a PST file Outlook must be installed and using that PST file as
    its default.

    If the old machine is still available you should be able to import the
    messages from Outlook into Outlook Express and then follow the instructions
    Frank Saunders MS-MVP IE,OE/WM, Mar 27, 2008
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