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Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by UNIORYOU, Mar 6, 2008.


    UNIORYOU Guest

    movie mover does not save the project for me and it freezes while a new
    picture was added. it stops me to maximize the application the keeps hanging
    for hours.

    I notice a new version has come up but it is only for windows vista. is
    there a newer version for mce2005?
    my project is about 78mb at the moment. is it acceptable to add more
    pictures? (png and bmp)
    has it a standard size for projects on windows movie maker?
    i.e the program stops reacting while a certain amount of pictures are
    another issue. memoryfailure alert errori s popped up. the screen goes while
    webpagewas opened.

    my computer has 1ghz memory in total. I think it is more than enough for the
    job done.
    should I add more ram to resolve the problem?

    error alert: (always the same)

    moviemaker error alert: windows auto update enabled
    szAppName : moviemk.exe szAppVer : 2.1.4026.0 szModName : hungapp
    szModVer : offset : 00000000

    thanks for your asistance.

    pc spec
    windows mce 2005 (multilingual enabled)
    HDD 40Gb
    Memory 1Ghz

    P.S I think microsoft has deleted the posts I have written again .
    UNIORYOU, Mar 6, 2008
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