Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by ZIDAC, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. ZIDAC

    ZIDAC Guest

    Hi, i am from Spain, excuse me my inglish

    I have a 2003 DC and i have 500 users account, some users accounts are not
    in use and i want delete it

    I want first disable the user account that is inactive more than 30 days and
    i want delete it 10 days after.

    How i do it?

    ZIDAC, Jun 7, 2007
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  2. Buenos Dias!

    I am from California, so please excuse my English as well!

    Anyway, take a spin over to and look for oldcmp. It
    is a really great tool. Although - from the name of the utility - it looks
    like this is a tool for computer account object (it is....) you can also use
    it for user account objects. While you are there take a look at all of his
    tools. Admod, Adfind, et al should be a part of everyone's tool set....

    Cary W. Shultz, Jun 7, 2007
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