Individual Reply to Newsgroup Message Using Outlook Rather than Windows Vista Mail?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Daniel. L. Schumacher, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Under XP and OE if one had Outlook (2003) set as the default mail
    handler, selecting "Reply" to a newsgroup message rather than
    "Reply Group" would result in an e-mail reply being sent via
    Outlook rather than OE. This behavior seems to have changed
    under Vista and Office 2007. Although Outlook is set as the
    default program for mail messages everywhere you can set it,
    selecting "Reply" in a newsgroup and then "Send" after composing
    the reply causes Vista Mail to pop up its configuration wizard
    wanting me to set up a mail account, something I deliberately did
    not do so that Vista Mail would not accidentally retrieve mail

    So I have two questions:
    1) If I set up a POP3 account for Vista Mail, will the response
    be sent using Outlook or Vista Mail?
    2) If it will still be sent via Vista Mail, is there anyway to
    force it to be sent via Outlook?

    I anticipate a question as to why I want it to go via Outlook
    rather than Vista Mail, and the answer is so that I have my sent
    mails in a single location, i.e., in Outlook's Sent folder.

    Regards, Dan
    Daniel. L. Schumacher, Jun 19, 2007
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  2. "Vista Mail" is actually called Windows Mail (WM).
    If you click on a MailTo link on a website, it will be handled by Outlook.
    If you click Reply to a news post in WM it will be handled by WM.
    Not that I know of.
    Gary VanderMolen, Jun 19, 2007
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  3. Gary,

    Thanks for the response. Chalk another one up to "Viva le
    difference". Whatever.

    Regards, Dan
    Daniel. L. Schumacher, Jun 21, 2007
  4. Start | Default Mail
    Make sure Outlook has all of its defaults.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Jun 21, 2007
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