Install Failure of KB955305 (Silverlight Update)

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by MichaelM, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. MichaelM

    MichaelM Guest

    Anyone encountering the following:

    1) Run Windows Update
    2) Identifies KB955305 needs to be installed
    3) Fails to install KB955305
    4) Reboot Machine
    5) Run Windows Update
    6) KB955305 no longer in recommended install list but of course failure
    entry is in the Update History

    Here is the failure status (red X) from Install History:
    Installation Failure

    Error Code: 0xBC2
    Try to install the update again, or request help from one of the following

    For self-help options:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Find Solutions
    Windows Update Newsgroup

    For assisted support options:

    Microsoft Online Assisted Support (no-cost for issues related to getting

    MichaelM, Aug 20, 2008
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    aadakealiabdi, Aug 20, 2008
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  3. PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 20, 2008
  4. MichaelM

    ukskidmark Guest

    If I click the install it tells me:
    "The requested version of Silverlight is installed:
    version Silverlight 1 GDR 3 (1.0.30401.0)"

    So if it's not been updated, what good would uninstalling and
    installing the same version be? Or have they applied KB955305 without
    updating their point version of the software?
    ukskidmark, Aug 20, 2008
  5. I said to uninstall Silverlight first, did I not?
    The current installer for Silverlight 1.0 includes all patches &
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 21, 2008
    Occasional user, Aug 22, 2008
  7. YW & thanks for your feedback.

    PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 22, 2008
  8. As per your instructions, Silverlight was uninstalled, computer reboot.
    Attempt to reinstall, from the web or from the downloaded file gives an
    error 1642 and refuses, claiming there are residuals from prvious install.
    The web site offers only the version 2 beta.
    Now what?
    Rolando E Creagh, MD, Aug 22, 2008
  9. Correction. Site also offer version 1.0, but it also refuses to install
    giving same error code.
    Rolando E Creagh, MD, Aug 22, 2008
  10. PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 22, 2008
  11. MichaelM

    UKSkidMark Guest

    I wasn't questioning your instructions. My question was that the Silverlight
    website tells me I've got the latest version. I queried whether a patch had
    been released without updating the minor release number of Silverlight.
    UKSkidMark, Aug 23, 2008
  12. PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 23, 2008
  13. MichaelM

    saad Guest

    saad, Jul 8, 2009
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