Install MS03-026, now Windows Update doesn't work

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Luke, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Luke

    Luke Guest

    I have install MS03-026 to stop the msblast virus. Now
    when I go to I get a
    blank page. I have tried to go to but I
    just get the first frame and not the page where I can scan
    my computer for updates. I there something I did wrong?
    I was able to get to the windows update page before I
    installed the patch. HELP!!! I am running Windows XP.

    Luke, Aug 20, 2003
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  2. Luke

    Dis-couraged Guest

    I've been having the same problem and also running XP.
    I've written Microsoft and they tried to blame it on my IE
    settings being mis-set to the wrong language and/or that
    my clock was set to the wrong date and/or time! What a
    joke!!! I have just re-sent them a new E-Mail telling them
    to look at this Newsgroup, to see that I am not alone. I
    keep getting either the following:
    Thank you for your interest in Windows Update

    Windows Update is the online extension of Windows that
    helps you get the most out of your computer.

    The latest version of Windows Update is available on
    computers that are running Microsoft Windows 98, Windows
    98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows
    2000 (except Windows 2000 Datacenter Server), Windows XP,
    and the Windows Server 2003 family.

    or else I get caught in an area where the scan goes from
    0%-100% and other functions are greyed-out and unuseable.
    I hope that Microsoft will be responding soon, with a fix
    and not with more "It must be your fault" claims. Here's
    Dis-couraged, Aug 20, 2003
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