Installation Failed at Extracting Files - rollback failed dismally

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by CrAy-Z, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. CrAy-Z

    CrAy-Z Guest

    Hi, was wondering if anyone has seen/worked around this problem.
    I have already sent a bug report to M$ but don't expect to hear from em soon
    as im sure they get thousands.
    This might be a bit of a bible, but i want to be thorough.

    Athlon XP4000
    ASUS A8N - E M/B (Nforce 4 ultra, latest bios)
    NV GF6800 GFX card (XFX)
    Corsair XMS 2048MB (2-3-3-6)
    1x 160GB SATA (primary boot drive, single partition, NTFS c:\)
    2x 80GB PATA (RAID 0 - 2 partitions, 130GB NTFS and 30GB NTFS d:\, h:\)
    Latest Nvidia drivers for Vista (still in beta)
    Plenty of other hardware, but i dont think it matters in this instance.

    I attempted to install vista to h:\.
    1st run i mounted the image in daemon tools, 2nd run I ran from a dvd. The
    ISO was downloaded from microsoft and i verified the MD5 as correct before

    Ran the installer from within XP, allowed it to search for updates (it found
    1, a 276? kb file but did not say what it was)
    First stage completed and system rebooted to vista.
    Commenced extracting files, first time failed at 94%, second time failed
    also but i was not in the room so not sure how far it got. At this point it
    tried to roll back installation.
    On reboot, vista ran chkdsk on h:\ and found heaps of errors, it then
    proceded to continue with rollback but eventually hung (i let it go for an
    hour to be sure)and i had to do a hard reset.
    chkdsk ran again on h:\ and more errors found, rollback continued and hung
    chkdsk ran again on h:\ and more errors again, this time installer hung on a
    BSOD with 'BAD_POOL_CALLER' as the error.
    chkdsk ran again, but this time flagged errors on both d:\ and h:\,
    installer eventually opened with a command window and that was it.

    I had to manually fix the xp boot sector from my xp installation disk to
    remove the bootloader and then manually clean up all of the junk on c, d and
    h drives.

    On my second attempt things were the same to start with but got worse,
    chkdsk hung on the vista rollback.. no worries i thought, maybe it is buggy,
    the xp version will fix it... firstly my d partition was inaccessible under
    XP ('drive not ready' was the error), and chkdsk would not run from inside XP
    on that drive. So i allowed XP to do a startup scan, which hung as well when
    fixing up a file index. 6 reboots and 5 hang's later i am back up to normal.
    It looks like Vista really screwed up the index tables on both h:\ and d:\
    (lucky it didnt kill c:\...)

    I have verified the entire RAID array and there are no bad sectors or other
    problems. I have run memtest86 overnight with no memory problems. I have
    relaxed the memory timings alot in bios between first and second attempts.
    I suspect it has something to do with my raid setup but cannot be sure as i
    do not have a reliable way to test without using the array (i am not happy
    breaking up the partition that c:\ is currently on as i want vista on a
    totally sepparate HDD)

    I would really like to get vista up and running to have a look at it, but
    seeing as the last install nearly killed a drive that it should not even have
    placed files on i am a little hesitant as i do not have the time to do a full
    replacement of XP and all of my backups if something goes really wrong the
    next time.

    Any suggestions? Anyone else suffered this also and beat it? I was
    considering unplugging my SATA HDD before trying to install vista again (to
    protect xp installation) but due to my raid setup i need to launch the vista
    installer from XP to load the raid drivers (can't seem to get it to do this
    from the bootloader installation)

    Thanks in advance.
    CrAy-Z, Jun 25, 2006
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