Installation only identifies 32 gig drive vs 120 gig

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Vince, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Vince

    Vince Guest

    I am doing a fresh install on an AMD 1.5 Mghs w 256mb of
    ram. Loaded Western Digital hard disk setup for 120 gig
    drive no partitions, then loaded Win Serv 2003, it only
    identified a 32 gig drive. I reset the hard disk with
    partitions, then reloaded WinServ 2003 same output, 32 gig

    Is there a step I'm missing? Please help.
    Vince, Jul 9, 2004
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  2. Hi,

    You'll need an ATA PCI card, since it seems like your BIOS is limited to
    non-LBA (and hence, your BIOS is actually limited to seeing 32 GB, not the
    OS installed)

    --Jonathan Maltz [Microsoft MVP - Windows Server, Virtual PC] - A Windows Server 2003 visual, step-by-step
    tutorial site :) - Does <insert OS name> work on VPC 2004? Find out
    Only reply by newsgroup. I do not do technical support via email. Any
    emails I have not authorized are deleted before I see them.
    Jonathan Maltz [MS-MVP], Jul 9, 2004
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