installing the new ie8 while having ie8 RC1

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by markdauvid, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. markdauvid

    markdauvid Guest

    i tried calling the help line for ie8 but it was the wrong number. it was for
    conference calls. i do not understand this concept that the micromorons have
    come up with. i have about 12 browsers. any updates just install over the
    existing browser. it appears that the test version of ie8 must be removed
    first. what does that mean. does it mean that ie7 magically reappears or does
    it mean you no longer have ie. what if you were dumb enough to have ie as
    your only browser. i need more information as to what i am getting in to.
    does uninstalling ie8 RC1 remove ie from my computer. why is this so
    markdauvid, Mar 20, 2009
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  2. markdauvid

    Leonard Grey Guest

    There must be thousands of places on the web explaining that when you
    uninstall IE 'X', you are returned to your previous version of Internet
    Explorer. One place where you might expect to find this information is
    on Microsoft's website:

    How do I uninstall or remove Internet Explorer 8?

    "When you remove Internet Explorer 8, your earlier version of Internet
    Explorer is restored..."

    See the bottom: "Applies To: Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta"
    Leonard Grey, Mar 20, 2009
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  3. markdauvid

    markdauvid Guest

    i went directly to microsoft and found something i had never seen before
    called fix it. it has 2 options. 1 is let microsoft fix it or fix it
    yourself. i chose microsoft fix it. the bottom line was does not apply which
    meant not removed. so i saw an option to download ie8 so i tried it and it
    worked. just to maketo make sure when i opened ie 8 for version info and RC1
    was gone. i was unable to remove RC1. it just was not there to remove and it
    doesn't matter because i got the update.
    markdauvid, Mar 23, 2009
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