Installing Vista Updates & Turning Features on/off

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by jimg, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. jimg

    jimg Guest

    I am can't install updates to Vista. Each time I try to install updates I
    receive Error #8007000B. This is the same problem others have described. I
    have read the suggested fixes and performed the suggested fixes to no avail.
    I have run CHKDSK on C:, and repaired offending files; I have used the
    command prompt to enter the
    suggested fix, i.e. the "fsutil resource setautoreset true c:\" then reboot.
    I still can not install any updates, nor can I turn on/off any features.

    Another problem:
    Originally I loaded the 32 bit version of Vista Business. The computer
    worked OK but it won't restart without an interrupt (front panel switch). It
    just beeps with a POST failure. Initially when this happened, I forced a
    powerdown and this corrupted one or more files, which Vista "repaired." After
    the repair, it takes 3+ minutes for Vista boot. Before the repair, it was
    fairly fast (~20 seconds).

    With a clean install, I installed the 64 bit version of Vista Business. The
    start/stop issues carried over to the 64 bit version, and I now lack the
    ability to turn on/off Vista features and can not install any updates.

    Given the failure of the command prompt fsutil resource reset, what else can
    I do?
    jimg, Mar 9, 2007
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