installing win98 (1st ed) on VPC - VPC, XP host crash after instal

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by jack, May 4, 2005.

  1. jack

    jack Guest

    Hi the subject wasn't quite long enough

    after installing windows 98 (first edition - I get past the initial 640x480
    install screen where it copies files - then it needs to reboot - so I do that)
    After the first VPC reboot I get a text message about there not being a
    valid something or another
    After another VPC reboot I get the starting windows for the first time, then
    it hangs.
    Then my host os crawls to a stop - VPC taking exactly 50% cpu
    Other apps on the host seem to crawl to a stop also (task mgr shows them not
    responding (but not all apps)
    I can't end task on VPC
    If I do kill -f virtual pc.exe - the process is still there.
    I continue to see some disk activity (the light flashes now and then, but
    not like it would be if I were copying a large file)

    Help PLEASE!!!

    My Physical PC is running XP pro SP2 (2.6GHz, 1 Gig ram)
    I installed vpc 2004, and vpc2004sp1
    I was able to setup windows 2003 on a virtual PC no problem

    I wanted to play with a smaller os so I could understand the VPC undo
    discs/various options etc..

    So I grabbed my Windows 98 CD (first edition)

    I setup a 1 gig fixed drive in VPC.
    Mounted the 98 CD in VPC
    booted from the CD in vpc
    ran Fdisk - enabled large disk support
    made partition active
    rebooted VPC,
    booted from 98 CD - ran setup from 98 CD

    If you need more info let me know - I'd do it again to get the exact
    sequence of things, but every time I do it hoses my whole Machine - and I
    have to hit the reset button
    jack, May 4, 2005
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