installs fine but have Activation issues

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Michael23, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Michael23

    Michael23 Guest

    Intel p4 2.53 1 Gb ram intel 845PE chipset - I have installed Windows Vista
    Beta 2 3 times now so thats 6 hours I will never get back. The first time the
    calendar defaulted to 2010 which I missed so the license expired straight
    away. My fault. Second time I installed without cleaning up another 2 hours
    wasted as the second install seemed to grab details from first install error
    activation period has passed. My fault again. Finally I deleted partition
    made sure my system clock was correct and I thought I had it, I deselected
    activate when I go online, then went ahead and finished installation. Vista
    didnt recognise my network card and before I could try and install drivers I
    had the same activation problem again. I ended up with purchase product key,
    activate online, alternate activation methods of which none worked they
    returned errors after about 15 minute wait Authentication failed error
    0x800705b4. I can get into safe mode but after 6 hours I dont want to touch
    it without some sort of plan of attack. Any suggestions would be gratefully
    tried. From what little I have seen Vista looks good.
    thanks in anticipation and frustration Michael
    Michael23, Jun 11, 2006
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  2. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Jun 11, 2006
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  3. Michael23

    Michael23 Guest


    It is not a server issue, I get no grace period for activation so I have no
    chance to install NIC drivers so I cannot even see the Internet, all the
    other options in the buy product key, activate windows.... return error code
    saying authetication failed with error code 0x800705B4

    But thanks for your input, I am going to try an install of XP get all
    drivers in place then drop vista over the top. Hopfully that works
    Michael23, Jun 11, 2006
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