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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Chris Lanier [MVP], Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Get instant answers to your Windows Media Player questions!

    Instead of waiting for one of your peer's to have free time to reply to your
    post it's always a good idea to search the newsgroup for the answer. Google
    Groups will let you do this in seconds.

    All you have to do is goto Type in your error
    code or error text you get (Spelling Counts) and select "Search only in
    microsoft.public.windowsmedia.player.*" Then press enter. You will
    generally see a few dozens of results based on your specific problem.

    *Narrowing down your search is the next step in this small process.*

    TIP: The two main contributors to this newsgroups are me, and Zach. Since
    our replies make up a high percentage of the total it is a good idea to
    narrow down your search to posts with just replies from Zach and/or Me.

    To do so type "Your Error+zachd" or "Your Error+Chris Lanier" (Spelling
    Counts and *No Quotes*)

    Example: The error code you get is "C00D11F8", so search for "C00D11F8+Chris
    Lanier" (No Quotes). The page you get is as follows, You will see that the first or second post will
    generally have a solution or a post saying that more information need's to
    be supplied in order to help.

    NOTE: It's always a good idea to look at more then one post when searching.
    If you notice that the replies to the original question just asks questions
    to the original poster it generally means that we have not seen enough
    information on the specific error to provide a good answer in the

    TIP: Error codes from WMP only have Hexadecimal characters in them. So
    there are not O's (Letter O/o), It's a 0 (Number Zero). If you search for
    "COOD11F8" you will generally get less results then if you search for

    If you are not getting anywhere when search then post in the newsgroups then
    try searching all of Google Groups or take out the +<Insert Name>. If that
    still doesn't do anything for you...

    Then at that point you should know that providing information about your
    problem is key to getting a good reply in the newsgroup. Before posting
    please read so we don't have to drill you for
    information over and over again. :)

    Final Note: When posting in the newsgroups you need to remember that it is
    no ones job to reply to any post in the newsgroups. You are posting in a
    peer supported newsgroup. Posts are replied to upon other individuals
    schedule. There is no official support from Microsoft here. So statements
    such as "Hey, Microsoft", "Fix your f***** software!" will not get you any

    If you wish to speak directly to Microsoft Product Support Service please
    see the link that follows...

    --General WMP Help and Support Links--

    Windows Media Player: WMP mini FAQ

    Troubleshooting Windows Media Player Error Messages

    Windows XP - Digital Media Articles:
    Chris Lanier [MVP], Apr 4, 2004
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  2. Chris Lanier [MVP]

    natalibi Guest

    Dne neděle, 4. dubna 2004 1:34:15 UTC+2 Chris Lanier [MVP] napsal(a):
    natalibi, Sep 5, 2012
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