Intel board dg965wh and Vista Ultima

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by spotteddogdottie, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. The intel board, for some reason, will not let me load Vista. I have been
    running the RC 1 build with not problems. The board wouldn't work with the
    RC 2 build. It is showing no know answers to the ich8 usb controler. Any
    help would be greatly appreciated. I have the latest bios update and all
    latest Intel drivers.
    spotteddogdottie, Mar 10, 2007
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  2. spotteddogdottie

    invader Guest

    I'm running retail Vista Business on an Intel dg965ryck with no problems. I
    am, however, using a 3ware SATA controller as my primary drive and not the
    motherboard idea (not sure if that makes a difference). All of my devices are
    working including USB.

    My upgrade path was an in-place upgrade from XP Pro to Vista.

    I did have terrible problems with this board when installing RHEL4 (Red Hat
    Enterprise Linux) due to problems with the ICH8 controller, so I'm not
    surprised you've run into problems installing vista.
    invader, Mar 10, 2007
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  3. I think the one that really dropped the ball on this issue is Intel.
    Same problem with my Gigaabyte GA-965P-DQ6 and the nasty Intel ICH8
    controller. I don't think it is the chipset. As the board came out of
    the box (about 3 months ago) the included driver on the install CD
    worked only if the SATA channels were configured to run in IDE mode.
    Through a bunch of trials and errors, (there's lots of BIOS
    adjustments on this board) I was finally able to get the SATA drives
    to run at their faster SATA speed in XP. Now installing Vista, back to
    square one again. Even with a brand new ICH8 Vista driver (only beta
    naturally) my SATA drives, I got 6 of them, work or don't depending on
    a whole bunch of things. Windows don't even see one in a external case
    unless it is set it up to use the USB 2.0 connector instead of the
    SATA. Grrrr.
    Adam Albright, Mar 10, 2007
  4. spotteddogdottie

    C.Skaggs Guest

    I think, you'll find that the problem with the 965 boards isn't the ich8
    chip, but the jMicron ide controller. it's giving us fits on the linux side
    of things.
    C.Skaggs, Mar 10, 2007
  5. Have you found an answer yet?? Or should I just get a non-intel chipset
    spotteddogdottie, Mar 10, 2007
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