interesting bsod issues that are altering irq ports.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Jager, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Jager

    Jager Guest

    So like many tohers i am suffering through the sleep mode issues within
    Vista. i survived RC1, RC2 and now RTM.

    while im not thrilled to have to continue to monkey with the ssettings to
    keep it from BSODing or random lockups where it freezes, its livable. the
    issue is that the irq ports are changing up one number at each error.

    first was port 11 then 12 now its up to 14.

    no items in my device manager are unrecognised other than an nividia
    networking ethernet port which ive disabled.

    I did haev to load xp motherbaord drivers so i do expect some issues while i
    await whql certified ones to arrive, but does anyone have any thoughts on
    this issue?

    the bsod is always rthe same failure to recover sleep

    the random lockupsd list this error as well.

    IRQARB: ACPI BIOS does not contain an IRQ for the device in PCI slot 11,
    function 0. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.

    i belive this to be the motherbaord drivers from xp.

    but anywhere else i might consider looking at would be helpful.

    I am doing the initial testing for my college as well as for a major
    publication and for our partner site

    so other arreas i might explore would be helpful.

    until then i guess i await nvidia for better forceware drivers.
    Jager, Dec 5, 2006
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