"Internal error" and "detected a problem" SOLVED

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Nick Gassman, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Nick Gassman

    Nick Gassman Guest

    Having trawled around the web and newsgroups, and, like others, been
    aided by Zachd (thanks again) I was still unable to figure out why wmp
    wouldn't run.
    WIth v9 I was getting
    'An internal error has occured'
    With v 10 I was getting
    Windows Media Player has detected a problem...

    I finally tracked it down to a plugin, which is a solution I haven't
    seen anywhere else, so others might benefit from this. If you try it,
    it might still not work if it's not a plugin causing the problem.

    **Warning** If you edit the reigstry and get it wrong, you can
    seriously mess up your software.

    Here's what I did.
    In the key
    right click
    click export
    assign a file name and save the .reg file
    right click

    Run media player. If you don't get the error message, then it's one
    (or more) of the plugins that's causing the problem. However, when I
    did this, I didn't get any visuals when I ran a video, although I did
    get sound.

    go to the directory where you save the .reg file
    double click it
    says yes

    one by one, follow the above procedure to save each individual plugin
    entry to a .reg file, as well as keeping the original reg file. Then
    delete each one in turn, and restore it if it doesn't solve the
    problem (by double clicking the relevant .reg file - give the files
    sensible names so you can keep track of which is which).

    Hopefully it'll just be one that's the problem, although if it's more
    than one, then it's going to take more time.

    God luck

    Nick Gassman
    Nick Gassman, Jan 4, 2006
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  2. Nick Gassman

    Mike M. Guest

    Thanks Nick. Sounds like a good piece of puzzle solving.
    Mike M., Jan 4, 2006
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