Internal web page with facility to send notes to internal users

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Mike_Daw, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Mike_Daw

    Mike_Daw Guest

    SBS 2008. We have a requirement to set up a web page hosted locally on the
    server and accessible to internal users. This is just a simple facility
    allowing any network user to load the web page (from a desktop shortcut),
    fill in some notes and press Send - the message will then arrive as an email
    in other users Outlook mailboxes. We wish the transaction to just work
    internally without any requirement to leave the network and come back through
    external email. We have all the code and it works fine when hosted on an
    external internet based server.

    Any ideas on a simple implementation would be appreciated.

    Mike_Daw, Sep 30, 2009
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  2. Mike_Daw

    Mike_Daw Guest


    Thanks for your reply. The existing script is in VB/asp so works fine. The
    issue is ensuring the mail goes just internally using Exchange rather than
    external routing using the domain name. The system is used for passing notes
    as described but also operates as a form of clock in/ clock out system to let
    other users know if a user is in or out of the office. Outlook could be used
    but to make it simple for a user to use, e.g. a toolbar button, would require
    programming and a dedicated form to be created.

    Mike_Daw, Oct 1, 2009
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