Internet Connection - multi users on one computer.. how to access?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by GETTING BALD, May 24, 2007.



    I've been using Administrator Account to login to my Vista Home Premium. I've
    set up 2 internet connections using this account - 1 dialup, 1 broadband.
    Everything works fine.

    Today I set up a new user account as Standard Account on my PC. After
    setting it up, I logged into Vista with that account but could not find
    either of the 2 internet connections I had set up.

    I switched user and logged in as Administrator. Found the 2 internet
    connections, and attempted to make them useable by "Anyone who uses this
    computer". However, they radio button for this option is greyed out and
    cannot be selected.

    My question is.. how can i make existing connections created using
    administrator account, be useable by standard accounts?

    I've tried a workaround which is to delete those connections and recreate
    them after i've created the standard account.. but the problem is that in the
    network status (down bottom-right at status bar), it shows a different name
    than what i've put for the new connection.. eg. Broadband becomes Broadband 2.
    GETTING BALD, May 24, 2007
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