Internet Explorer cannot display the web page

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Fameli, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Fameli

    Fameli Guest

    After i install Internet Explorer for Windows XP SP2 (7.0.5730.13), it dosent
    connect to internet. When i start IE7, it says "Internet Explorer cannot
    display the web page" and if i try to enter another url, it remains at
    "connecting" but there is no Send/Recieve to/from internet. FireFox alreday
    works fine. I'm connecting via ADSL.
    Can anybody help me please ?
    Fameli, Dec 21, 2007
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  2. Maybe will help in
    you in sorting out the possible cause for the issue.

    Ottmar Freudenberger, Dec 21, 2007
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  3. Fameli

    PA Bear Guest

    Error message after you install a Windows Internet Explorer 7 update from
    Windows Update or from Microsoft Update: "Webpage cannot be displayed":

    If tweaking your third-party firewall's settings don't help, try the

    1. Disable your anti-virus application, any real-time protection provided by
    an anti-spyware application (except for Windows Defender; includes Spybot
    Tea Timer, SpySweeper Guards, AVG AS guard.exe, etc.), disable any
    third-party firewall AND enable the Windows Firewall.

    NB: You're "working without a net" now: Don't to ANYTHING else online (e.g.,
    browsing; reading email; chatting) except #4 below until your anti-virus
    application has been re-enabled! If you're running ZA Free firewall, you
    may need to uninstall it instead of disabling it.

    2. Uninstall "Security Update for Windows Internet Explorer 7 (KB942615)"
    via Add/Remove Programs (make sure Show Updates box is checked at top right)
    and reboot.

    3. Re-do #1 above.

    4. Go to and install any Critical Updates
    offered. If "Root Certificates" update is listed in the Optional Updates
    category, you might install it, too, to take full advantage of IE7's
    additional security.

    5. Reboot > Make sure everything in #1 above is enabled again and, if
    applicable, disable the Windows Firewall and enable your third-party
    PA Bear, Dec 21, 2007
  4. try disabling some of the toolbars in IE..that worked for me..Hope this helps
    you in some way.
    Florida Gal :), Dec 23, 2007
    error 5.8 02469, Dec 23, 2007
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