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Discussion in 'Server Security' started by TK, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. TK

    TK Guest

    We have an XP Pro domain with two Server 2003 DC's and I am wondering if
    anyone can steer me in the right direction regarding Internet surfing
    Currently we are using the contents and ratings for IE set through group
    policy, but it is not dependable - sometimes it stops students, sometimes it
    doesn't - and it is a pain in the neck to constantly have to add web sites
    as we have the default set not to allow any sites.
    I looked on the Net for some product which can be administered to all
    machines through the servers but didn't really see anything. Does anyone
    know of something or is there any better built in system to Server 2003 than
    just using the content and ratings?
    Thanks in advance.
    TK, Oct 14, 2004
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  2. Danny Sanders, Oct 14, 2004
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  3. Microsoft offers ISA Proxy server which can centrally control access to the
    Internet. It however is not cheap, has a learning curve, and still requires
    you to add authorized sites as would any filtering device with a default
    block all rule. Another thing to consider is your firewall device or
    replacing it if possible. Even the cheapest NAT routers can do an acceptable
    job of controlling internet access to some degree. Many even work with a
    subscription service that for a nominal monthly fee will provide a database
    of objectionable websites that will be blocked. Most of the device
    manufactures have full manuals online to download so you can see exactly
    what they can do. Another possibility is to use ipsec filtering policy that
    uses permit and block filter actions which you can configure to block all
    internet access except authorized IP addresses, ports, and protocols. Ipsec
    policy can be configured centrally via Group Policy and is a machine based
    [not user] policy. --- Steve -- ipsec policy configuration
    basics. -- information on Linksys Parental
    Steven L Umbach, Oct 14, 2004
  4. TK

    andy d Guest

    Dont use CLearswifts WebSweeper. Used it for 1 year and nearly lost my all
    my hair. Awful product crashes and hangs all the time.


    andy d, Oct 15, 2004
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