Invalid keyboard mapping under DOS 6.22 VM

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by rakagod, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. rakagod

    rakagod Guest

    In Virtual PC 2004

    in DOS: Some of the alpahbetic keys turn to numeric.

    The problem appears when the VM is open in a window as opposed to a
    full-screen and the mouse is moved in and out of that window then the mapping
    errors appear.
    Shifting to full-screen at that time does not solve the problem and shifting
    back is no longer possible as the keys to shift back are no longer valid. To
    resolve this problem it is necessary re-boot the system. Just re-logging is

    FIX 1:
    To resolve the mapping error: WITH A VALID KEYBOARD SHIFT TO FULL SCREEN AND
    After this move the mapping does not get lost anymore when moving in and out
    of the window. Closing the VM with "Save State" will preserve this across

    FIX 2:
    If the mapping is invalid and the VM is being displayed in window (as
    opposed to a full-sceen) then the mapping can be fixed by closing with "Save
    State" and re-starting the VM session.

    I am running XP Pro in English with a US keyboard on a Compaq R3000 portable.
    rakagod, Oct 30, 2004
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