"invalid STORE command syntax invalid message set syntax"

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Catullus Nacakus, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. I get this message when I try to Delete msgs in the Junk Email Folder or in
    the Deleted Items Folders.
    I can delete the messages by manually deleting process.
    Catullus Nacakus, Jan 2, 2008
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  2. Catullus Nacakus

    Guest Guest

    This fix works with some problems with deleting messages, but I don't
    know about that one. Download and install it with Windows Mail not


    Although it's labelled as for mail stuck in the Outbox, it also works in
    other folders. If you don't know whether to use the 32-bit version or
    the 64-bit version, try the 32-bit version first. Certain common
    antivirus programs, such as most of those from Norton or McAfee,
    or a recent one from Trend, cause various problems in Windows
    Mail, although seldom immediately, so if you have such a program,
    remember where to find the fix - you may need it again.
    Guest, Jan 3, 2008
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  3. Catullus Nacakus

    Garth Arkell Guest

    I get the same message. i have tried the hot fix , but there was nothing
    different, any other suggestions?
    Garth Arkell, Jan 26, 2008
  4. Catullus Nacakus

    Guest Guest

    Did you try both the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version of this fix,
    with Windows Mail not running?


    Which one you need will depend on what version of Vista you have.
    The other one will just refuse to install.

    If neither helps, what if any antivirus programs do you have? Some
    of them cause assorted problems in Windows Mail, although seldom
    Guest, Jan 26, 2008
  5. Catullus Nacakus

    Garth Arkell Guest

    i am using a dell inspiron 530
    windows vista home basic
    1013mb of ram
    120 gb hd
    32 bit os
    was using mcafee, but now using avg
    windows mail 6.0.6000.16386(vista_rtm.061101-2205)

    I closed windows mail installed the fix (32bit one) and rebooted the
    computer, and still can't empty the junk mail folder.

    i have transferred my email account from my old computer to the new one,
    could that affect anything?

    can anyone help?
    Garth Arkell, Jan 26, 2008
  6. Gary VanderMolen, Jan 26, 2008
  7. Catullus Nacakus

    Guest Guest

    Did you run the McAfee cleanup program?


    Sometimes you also have to remove the email account under
    Windows Mail and then create it again to finish the cleanup.

    If you used the standard install for AVG, it often helps to
    uninstall it and then do a custom install where you tell it to
    leave out the part that scans email.


    Did you use an import into Windows Mail, instead of trying just
    to copy the Outlook Express files? Outlook Express won't run
    under Vista.
    Guest, Jan 26, 2008
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