IR Hardware not detected

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Park Hensley, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Park Hensley

    JW Guest

    Apparently you are trying to use a STB as TV source. Do you have a ID
    blaster "bug" to control the STB connected to the receiver?
    JW, May 2, 2008
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  2. Park Hensley

    Raven Mill Guest

    I think that many people aren't understanding some things here; including me.

    I have a custom built PC with Windows Vista Ultimate x86 installed.
    Everything works fine. All my USB devices work properly. I have an ATI 750
    TV tuner card in my PC. I also have an ATI remote control for the TV tuner,
    which I don't use because my set-top box requires using only channel 3 as the
    source, but it's there and works fine for everything else. I have a cable TV
    set-top box. It has a remote control, which is the one I use to change
    channels on the cable box. There is nothing else connected to anything. My
    cable box doesn't have a usb port or any such thing for pluging anything into
    it other than the coax from the wall and the video/coax/svideo out to the TV
    or tuner card.

    On XP Pro, (Not MCE, just normal XP Pro) and everything works fine. The TV
    card and remote work fine using ATI's media center software to watch TV.

    The drivers for the TV tuner card seem to install onto vista properly.

    What we're asking here is why we need some extra remote control device here.
    (since we already have 2 of them. 1 for the set top box and 1 for the PC.)
    Why do I need an additional piece of hardware, which, as far as I know none
    of my equipment has anywhere to put it anyways?

    I know the tuner is working fine because in the media center setup it scans
    for channels and finds the signal just fine. (It even plays the signal in
    the little box in the setup.)
    Raven Mill, May 12, 2008
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  3. Park Hensley

    Curious Guest

    You have three choices:
    1. Run the ATI TV application in Vista just like you did in XP.
    2. Tell MC that you have an antenna and that you do not want to use the
    guide and always watch/record channel 3 and then use your STB remote to
    control the channel being output on channel 3.
    3. Purchase an MCE remote and IR receiver/ blaster which allows you to
    control your STB input channel from the MC remote and to use the MC
    Electronic Program Guide for live and recording selection.
    Curious, May 13, 2008
  4. Park Hensley

    Nigel Barker Guest

    The issue is that Media Center needs some way of changing channels on an external STB so that TV
    recording can be done unattended. Without the official Microsoft USB IR Receiver/Remote/IR Dongles
    package you have no way of achieving that so Media Center will not complete setup of a STB without
    that. It's only $30-35 works well & is the tool designed for the job.


    Nigel Barker
    Live from the sunny Cote d'Azur
    Nigel Barker, May 13, 2008
  5. Park Hensley

    Raven Mill Guest

    Yeah. I just, after thinking about it for awhile, worked out your option #2.
    ATI's media center doesn't work with Vista, (last time I checked) so you
    can't use that.

    I'm not concerned about recording on different channels and such, as I don't
    do that anyways. I simply wanted to be able to watch TV with my TV tuner, so
    doing the antenna idea worked after a bit of fanagling.
    Raven Mill, May 13, 2008
  6. Park Hensley

    Curious Guest

    The option 2 I suggested said noting about trying to use ATI's media center
    with MC since as you are well aware you can only use one or the other.
    Curious, May 13, 2008
  7. Park Hensley

    Barb Bowman Guest

    set top box? what brand and model? what is your TV source? no where
    in the rant below do you give any info that would allow anyone to
    attempt to assist you.


    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Oct 10, 2008
  8. Park Hensley

    Jaime Guest

    If you truly are a software engineer, you must not be in testing :eek:)

    As Barbara stated, if you want help, we would need to know some addition

    You stated that you tried the IR Blaster supplied by Hauppauge and the one
    that came with the MCE remote, by that do you mean the "IR Receiver unit"
    that plugs into the USB port or just the IR Emitter?

    Does the remoter otherwise control the MC PC, just not change channels?
    Jaime, Oct 10, 2008
  9. Park Hensley

    Barb Bowman Guest

    focusing on the statement below, look at device manager, USB ports
    and devices. do you see the Microsoft eHome Receiver? do other
    peripheral work in the same USB port?

    with the USB receiver plugged in, pressing a key on the remote
    SHOULD cause it to flash.

    the other piece is getting the blaster stuck onto the correct place
    on the Comcast HD box.

    Please omit the ranting from your future replies, I don't have time
    to sort through it.


    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Oct 11, 2008
  10. Park Hensley

    Jaime Guest

    That helps some, but to my question about isolating the fault to the emitter
    or receiver - when the receiver is plugged in, does the remote control the
    MCE interface?

    BTW, I assume you meant you are plugging the emitters into the Hauppauge
    tuner card (not your video card). Plugging the emitters into the tuner card
    would never work, MCE has no way to talk to the tuner only the receiver that
    comes with the MCE remote kit.

    Please just answer the technical questions, I (and others are here to help
    with specific MC problems, not listen to your personal opinion about MS or
    Bill Gates; who BTW, is not involved in the day-to-day operation of MS and
    probably had very little to do with the current version of MC.
    Jaime, Oct 11, 2008
  11. The Hauppauge remote and or blaster are used only if you are have chosen to
    run the Win TV 2000 software exclusively. To run Windows Media Center 2005
    or Vista you use a Microsoft ir receiver connect a blaster to it and
    strategically place the emitter to control your STB. I've never encountered
    a need for a separate usb card for the receiver and you should have no
    problem using one from the motherboard.
    Microsoft News, Oct 12, 2008
  12. Park Hensley

    Jaime Guest

    You still haven't answered the question if the remote otherwise controls
    MCE. If you can't even go through the menus, navigate, etc., then the
    problem is with the MCE receiver. If you can do everything except setup
    control for an external set top box, then the problem is probably the
    emitters (or the connection).

    So does the remote otherwise control the MC interface?
    Jaime, Oct 13, 2008
  13. Park Hensley

    Barb Bowman Guest

    does pressing the green button start the Media Center interface? Can
    you navigate at all with the remote or not?


    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Oct 13, 2008
  14. Park Hensley

    Barb Bowman Guest

    vista does not need an external driver. the issue is most likely the
    positioning of the sticky side of the blaster receiver over the
    right place on the STB. Use a flashlight and find the "eye".


    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Oct 13, 2008
  15. Park Hensley

    Jaime Guest

    The "Not Detected" message probably means it's not related to emitter
    placement. MC has no way of knowing that, it would still attempt to change
    channels (it might not be successful if the STB wasn't getting a signal, but
    MC would still try).

    Since the receiver is working and being recognized, it seems like the
    problem is with the blasters. I don't remember it you have cable or sat, if
    cable, can you plug the coax directly into the card, run through the signal
    setup, and tell MC that you have a direct analog connection? MC will not
    require the IR emitter in that case, since the tuner card itself will
    control the signal. If that works, then you probably have a hardware issue.

    I don't know enough about the IR Blasters to know if plugging the MC blaster
    into the Hauppauge card could have damaged it.
    Jaime, Oct 14, 2008
  16. Park Hensley

    Barb Bowman Guest

    and yes, the 360 remote is compatible.


    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Oct 15, 2008
  17. Park Hensley

    Barb Bowman Guest

    Barb Bowman, Oct 16, 2008
  18. Park Hensley

    Bonobo Balla Guest

    This is the solution that worked for me. I hope it worked for you.

    Short version: Plug headphones into the IR receiver to bypass IR Hardware not found error.
    Bonobo Balla, Mar 1, 2011
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