Is it possible to have 2 website front pages on SBS2003?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Madjock, May 26, 2007.

  1. Madjock

    Madjock Guest


    Is it possible to have different default/home pages on a SBS2003 when
    using RWW?

    When I connect to http:\\192.168.#.# it would be fine to see the
    standard web page.

    However from the outside http:\ it would be good
    to have a corporate front page with 2 links to take useres to the RWW
    logon page and "my company's internal website" section.

    Many thanks

    Madjock, May 26, 2007
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  2. Yes, it's standard IIS behind so for instance:

    if I open or I get the default page
    of the default website. In my case I have replaced the standard default page
    here with a redirector to another site.

    I do a _bad_ thing with my LoungeAN SBS, I run public websites on it. is hosted on her. The site is a seperate IIS
    site using host headers.

    Similarly, from inside the network you could browse the default site by
    internal name or IP, you would also want a public name available on the
    default site (ie. a name not associated with a host header), you could then
    have another site associated with another host header name which you steer
    people to to get your custom page.

    The use of two public names is not totally necessary, IIS does some tricky
    stuff with multiple websites. It is however highly desirable so that a) you
    don't fool with the SBS default site, and b) you have a clear distinction of
    sites in your head.

    SO: and are two names (A records) which point to
    your public IP. People who open get the default
    site. People who browse (which is what you tell people)
    get another site using host header in IIS, this is your custom site with
    links to,

    of course, it should all be available _only_ by https. There's really no
    reason to, and a good many reasons NOT to, open HTTP (port 80) to your
    server publicly. There's a hiccup here in that each site must have it's own
    SSL port, we don't want to mess with the default site so will work fine but the link we want to give people
    should be (or whatever SSL port we wish).

    I do it only with the LoungeAN SBS. I patch on an almost daily basis, I have
    ISA and closely monitor the logs, and if the system gets hacked I can throw
    the whole thing away and rebuild it in a couple of hours. Most businesses
    don't have such luxury.
    SuperGumby [SBS MVP], May 26, 2007
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