Is it possible to stop MSN Messenger 7 dialing out at Windows start up?

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by CRS, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. CRS

    CRS Guest

    I have recently upgraded to MSN Messenger 7. My previous version of
    Messenger (6.2 I think) would load when Windows started, but didn't try
    to establish an internnet connection. When I established the internet
    connection myself, it would then sign in.

    With Messenger 7, it establishes an internet connection as soon as it
    loads at Windows start up, which I don't much care for. I want
    Messenger to load at Windows start up, but would prefer to establish the
    internet connection myself.

    Is there any way I can get Messenger 7 to behave like my previous
    version did in regard to internet connection?

    Any help appreciated.


    CRS, Apr 12, 2005
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  2. CRS

    Ben B. [US] Guest

    Try this: Select Tools >> Options, click the General section, make sure
    "Allow automatic sign in when connected to the Internet".
    Ben B. [US], Apr 12, 2005
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  3. CRS

    CRS Guest

    Thanks Bob. Not quite the effect I wanted, but it gave me the clue I
    needed. I went to Internet OPtions (in Control Panel) and made sure the
    "Never dial an internet connection" option was selected. Now Messenger
    loads at Windows start up, but doesn't dial out itself. When I connnect
    manually, it then signs itself in - which is exactly what I wanted.

    Thanks again.

    CRS, Apr 13, 2005
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