Is there a news group for News Groups?

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by J. Earthling, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. J. Earthling

    J. Earthling Guest

    Initially I was using MS Newsgroups as an instrument for mastering Windows
    Live Mail, whereas now I'm using WLM as an instrument to for mastering
    Newsgroups! I think what I need is a NG Idiot Version 0.0.1, since my
    brain's been hurting for several days now. I now understand more about WLM
    that I do about NGs, which ain't much. For example:

    1) I don't understand why, when I try to sign in to NG via web (which I
    realize is frowned upon), I always get a connection failure (using both IE 6
    & Google Chrome), yet when I hit the back button (or some such maneuver), I
    find that I'm actually signed in after all!
    2) When accessing via the preferred WLM, can I view a post count of each
    3) When I delete one of my threads using WLM, is it gone "completely", or
    just hidden from my view? I did a test, but was inconclusive, for some
    4) In order to search message bodies in WLM, must I download all the 5,800
    bodies, or can it somehow search them remotely?
    5) How much data is involved in downloading the 5,800 headers vs. 5,800
    message bodies?
    6) If I flag just my posts and then order the messages by "flagged" and
    then I hit "Sync", how are the new downloaded messages ordered?
    7) Several times I've made the mistake of hitting "Reply" instead of "Reply
    Group". and subsequently received a bounce-back message. I'm assuming that
    sends the message only to the person to whom I'm replying... but I'm not
    sure. And since (most) everybody uses an non-existent e-mail address, the
    "Reply" feature is useless, is it not?
    8) I have selected "synch headers only", so does hitting "Headers" perform
    the exact same action as hitting "Sync"?
    9) How does "sync all messages" differ from "sync new messages only"? And
    what if I choose "Don't Sync"? Why would anyone choose "Don't sync"?
    10) Will I be chastised for not posting ten inquiries instead of one? If I
    chose the former, would I be accused of being too chatty? :)

    I have more, but now my fingers (as well as my brain) hurt.

    P.S. All this is very humbling. I notice in some of my threads, you guys,
    at some point, start talking in tongues amongst yourselves, leaving me in
    the dust! Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining, since you
    capably answer my question earlier in the thread, but I'm just amazed at
    your knowledge of all this mumbo-jumbo. I'm convinced that you MS MVP guys
    are all direct descendents of Voltaire, and you're just screwin' with me for
    your own intellectual amusement! SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!
    J. Earthling, Feb 17, 2010
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  2. J. Earthling

    J. Earthling Guest

    11) And why is this message I just posted now highlighted in yellow (in
    WLM)? I've never seen that before?
    J. Earthling, Feb 17, 2010
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  3. J. Earthling

    J. Earthling Guest

    12) Now, after making a couple of "newsgroup changes" in Options, I have a
    column populated with and assortment of "balloons", some blue with a ? mar,
    others yellow. God, what have I wrought?... I wish I knew what it all
    means! Why, oh why can't I see/find an explanation for all this stuff
    without torturing you fellows?
    J. Earthling, Feb 17, 2010
  4. J. Earthling

    J. Earthling Guest

    The three columns in WLM Newsgroup display screen that I don't understand
    are "Rank" (0), "Rating" (star), and "Message Type" (balloon).
    J. Earthling, Feb 17, 2010
  5. J. Earthling

    Ron Sommer Guest

    Alt + T, Options, uncheck Use community support features.
    3)Deleting a thread only deletes from your computer (view). The messages
    are still on the server.
    4)Bodies would have to be downloaded.
    5)A header in this newsgroup is probably 1/4 of the message size.
    6)Flags only apply to individual messages. The flagged messages would still
    be first.
    7)Right click on your Toolbar, Customize, remove Reply. You can always
    access it with a right click.
    8)There is a Mark for download message setting. Sync would get new headers
    plus messages marked for download.
    9)If I am reading a newsgroup, I don't like the list to be refreshed when I
    am reading.
    10)Time will tell.
    Ron Sommer, Feb 17, 2010
  6. J. Earthling

    J. Earthling Guest

    You're good Ron, I gotta say. Many thanks!

    J. Earthling, Feb 17, 2010
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