Is there a Windows XP updates forum?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Jo-Anne, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Jo-Anne

    Jo-Anne Guest

    Since very little is being posted to the windowsupdate newsgroup these days,
    I tried to check the Windowx XP forums online--and I'm lost. I want to find
    out if there have been problems with the lastest Microsoft Updates for
    Windows XP before I download them. In the past, I could look at this
    newsgroup and get a good idea of whether any new updates were causing severe

    I went to the Windows XP forum page, but there appears to be no Windows XP
    Updates forum--although I believe such forums exist for Windows 7 and maybe

    Could someone point me to the Windows XP updates forum?

    Thank you!

    Jo-Anne, Sep 18, 2010
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  2. Hello Jo-Anne,

    Am 18.09.2010 01:42 schrieb Jo-Anne:
    Please scroll down to the link "Windows Update".

    And please cf.


    Matthias Spanier, Sep 18, 2010
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  3. Jo-Anne

    Jo-Anne Guest

    Thank you, Matthias! I knew that Microsoft was discontinuing its sponsorship
    of the newsgroups--but the Windows Update forum is for Windows 7, not
    Windows XP. I suppose that's all we're going to get, however, so XP users
    will have to post there (although when I searched for updates in the general
    Windows XP area, I found that people were posting in many forums--security,
    performance, etc.).


    Jo-Anne, Sep 18, 2010
  4. Jo-Anne

    MowGreen Guest

    All editions of Windows are lumped into one forum which leads to
    cornfusion, not to be confused with corn sugar or high fructose corn
    syrup. <w>

    We've repeatedly asked MS to offer a drop down window like the one in
    the Office forums that require a User to choose the edition of Office
    and OS, like this one, Joanne -

    As far as waiting on MS, it's like waiting for Godot.

    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten

    "Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked
    MowGreen, Sep 18, 2010
  5. Jo-Anne

    Jo-Anne Guest

    That it is, MowGreen! I understand slow (or never--as you pointed out), but
    the setup is so bad as to make me wonder if anyone there thought about it at
    all. I noticed, among other issues, that the Windows 7 forum for Windows
    Update has a web address that appears to be for Vista:

    even though the forum header is

    Windows > Windows Forums > Windows 7 Forums > Windows Update

    Newsgroups were much simpler and much more helpful!

    Jo-Anne, Sep 18, 2010
  6. Hello MowGreen,

    Am 18.09.2010 20:55 schrieb MowGreen:
    Thank you for that information.

    Matthias Spanier, Sep 19, 2010
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