Is there maximum library size for WMP 11?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by JethroUK©, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. JethroUK©

    JethroUK© Guest

    I've just added 3 albums to huge library of CD's and WMP 11 wont add them

    Tried adding folder seperately but no joy

    Is there maximum library size for WMP 11
    JethroUK©, Jan 12, 2010
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  2. JethroUK©

    JethroUK© Guest

    For anyone struggling to add album to the library i found cure

    Click "Folder" Icon in left hand pane > from there you can navigate directly
    to the album/folder and force it to 'find album info'
    JethroUK©, Jan 12, 2010
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  3. JethroUK©

    Vincent Guest

    The maximum library (CurrentDatabase_360.wmdb) file size for WMP11 is 1GB.

    A users hit this limitation having a collection of 250.000 songs.
    Vincent, Jan 13, 2010
  4. JethroUK©

    joeyjoystick Guest

    Vincent wrote on 01/13/2010 06:17 ET :

    I have a large library of about 220.000 songs. All mp3's. When the count was at
    about 135.000 songs with a library size of about 800-900GB of music I started
    get problems loading the library. I started to reorganise my collection such
    that all was alphabetically such that all artists with a name starting with the
    letter 'A' were stored in a folder simply called 'A'. So I have a root folder
    called 'Music'. Inside of this folder I have a bunch of folders with all the
    letters from the alphabet and all numbers. Inside of these folders I have all
    the artists. And inisde the artists fodlers I have all there albums. In case of
    double CD's I would place additional albums named "Disc 01', 'Disc 02'
    etc.. inside the folder with teh album name. Now this may sound a little
    complicated but it definitely has a lot of advantages.

    Anyway, let me get back to the WMP12 bug of large libraries. I will not load
    folder 'Music' into WMP12, but I will only load the folders with the letters
    numbers into the library. And now with 220.000 I still have never really had a
    problem again. However, load one folder and when you see that WMP12 is finished
    loading all the songs and albums into WMP12, only then you add the next folder
    to the library.

    So surely MS has a problem with WMP12, but I am not so sure if it is related to
    the maximum database size. I read that the maximum database size is about 1GB
    equal to roughly 250.000 songs. Depending on compression ratio these numbers
    could easily match, but will be different fo rdifferent users. I myself have a
    database size of 1.3-1.4GB with only 220.000 songs. I clearly exceeded the size
    of 1GB.

    What I do really not understand os that MS doesn't fix this bug. Has been there
    for years now. But if we're talking about bugs I can make a very large list for
    them including all there workarounds, if any. When organising 220.000 songs you
    are kinda getting the hang of it I'm afraid...

    I hope this will help somebody.

    All the best,

    joeyjoystick, Oct 8, 2013
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