ISA & Windows Media Services - Problem + Solution

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by IT Dep, Jan 30, 2004.

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    Firstly sorry to Xpost, but this matter affects several products and for
    that reason I want to make sure that the problem and solution reaches all
    possibly affected people.

    The problem occurs when you install Windows Media Services on a machine with
    ISA server on it.

    Then when you try to connect to the internet via the ISA proxy server you
    will recieve an error message 401.2 - an authorization problem - this error
    is from IIS. I thought it a little strange that the error was coming from
    IIS as the site I was trying to access was an external one and IIS should
    have nothing to do with it. I had also got an error in the event log saying
    that ISA could not bind to port 8080 (the proxy port). This prompted me to
    check the ports that IIS was hosting sites on, it turned out that Windows
    Media Services creates an administration site which is on port 8080! Which
    is obviously starting up before the ISA proxy has started, this stops ISA
    from binding the port. This is the reason for the authorisation error as
    the proxy requests are being passed on to the Windows Media Service website
    rather than the proxy service.

    In the end I unistall Windows Media Services as I don't really require it, I
    was just looking at it out of interest. However you should be able to move
    either ISA proxy or the Windows Media Services admin site to another port.

    Hope this helps a few people out, it took 2 hours for me to sort it out and
    work out what was going on!


    IT Dep, Jan 30, 2004
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