isolate a dual boot systems

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by SysAdmin, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. SysAdmin

    SysAdmin Guest

    I am trying to make a laptop ( HP nx 7300 ) dual bootable with vista
    business and XP Pro. My requirment is that i have to isolate XP PRo from
    network , internet etc in roder to run an application. Or Vista should not
    see XP and vice versa ( some sort of isolation).

    But when i install the Vista (installed on D: drive) on the XP (installed on
    C: drive)and made dual bootable , i can see both C: and D: drive from both
    the OS which i don't want. Can any one tell me how can i isolate the XP from
    outside world and make it secure
    SysAdmin, Jan 28, 2008
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  2. SysAdmin

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi,, download and use BootIT NG and install it to its
    own embrl volume at the beginning of the drive. Set up each OS as a bootable
    volume, and use the advanced options to determine which volumes load with

    This is not something you can do with the XP or Vista bootloaders, they
    don't contain these sorts of options, you have to go with a third party
    Rick Rogers, Jan 28, 2008
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