Issues Moving Data from Outlook Express to Outlook

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by iwoofilms, May 15, 2009.

  1. iwoofilms

    iwoofilms Guest

    I’m having issues importing data from my Outlook Express 6.0 account to
    Outlook 2003. The move is necessary because my previous laptop is no
    longer bootable. I can access the data however, via my new laptop.

    Since I can’t boot the old drive, I can’t run Outlook Express data
    (so that I can export the data). The previous drive hard-drive ran XP.
    The new laptop runs Vista which makes Outlook Express unavailable. What
    can I do? Is it possible to find the right files to move from the old
    hard-drive to the new one? I’ve tried several different importing
    options but have not been successful. Help?!

    iwoofilms, May 15, 2009
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  2. This has nothing to do with Windows Mail or Vista.

    You can only Export OE data to OL if and only if both applications are
    installed on the same machine and functional. (Note that the OL experts
    strongly recommend exporting OE date to OL, not importing the OE data into
    OL. Think about it.)

    You may be able to recover the OE data (e.g., DBX and WAB files) from the
    HDD and then import the data into OE on a functional machine (where OL is
    also installed). Afterwards, you could then export the data to OL.

    It's possible to migrate the recovered OE data into Windows Mail in Vista
    and then export it to OL but I wouldn't recommend it myself.
    PA Bear [MS MVP], May 15, 2009
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  3. You need the complete OE message store folder on read/write media (meaning
    that if it's on CD it won't work). Locate the folder on the old drive with
    the DBX files, and copy that *entire* folder to somewhere on your new
    laptop. Then use the Outlook import wizards.

    For addresses, you'll have to search for the WAB file separately.

    Patrick Keenan, May 15, 2009
  4. iwoofilms

    iwoofilms Guest

    Thanks. I'd considered that option but hoped to avoid it. My OE files
    are large. I wonder if it's possible to load OE onto a Vista based hard
    drive. Any thoughts?

    iwoofilms, May 15, 2009
  5. That will not work, Patrick. OL cannot import the data if it's not
    associated with (running in) an OE identity (and you wouldn't want to Import
    the data into OL anyway lest you lose the messages' time-stamps).
    PA Bear [MS MVP], May 15, 2009
  6. Well, it's /possible/, yes, but not without its pitfalls (and a later export
    to OL might prove problematic, as well).

    HOW TO Migrate from Outlook Express to Windows Mail or...

    PA Bear [MS MVP], May 15, 2009
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