Issues with printer spooler and shares on W2K SP1 cluster...

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by Guest, May 10, 2005.

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    Guest Guest

    I was wondering if anybody with a little more experience with setting up
    printers and shares in a cluster could point me in the right direction, he's
    my situation.

    I've created a functioning active-passive cluster on a couple HP DL380 G3
    systems connected to a MSA1000 disk array using HBAs in both systems.

    I have three groups created, the default cluster group, a file server group
    called VFS for my disk share(share is called HOME with a seperate disk
    resource through the MSA1000) with a network name of VFS in DNS and a print
    server group named VPS for my spooler with a network name of VPS in DNS and
    its own disk for spooling jobs.

    When I browse the network I see that on file server(VFS) I see my HOME share
    as expected but when i click on the print server(VFS) I see my printer
    object but also the HOME share.

    Is this the default behavior for file and print in a clustered setup? I
    would expect to only see the HOME share on the VFS and the printer only in
    the VPS. Also I notice that there are the underlying network names of each
    node displayed as well as the cluster name dislpayed.

    As I understand these names have to be displayed for administrative porposes
    but i have a client that can not get around having three extra network names
    able to be seen by the users as well as the shares being seen of the VPS

    Any thoughts?

    Guest, May 10, 2005
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  2. hi peipeck!

    sorry, but that´s per default.
    you can deny access to the cluster nodes for your client pc´s if the cluster
    is behind a firewall.... but haven´t done that before in production, for
    testing purposes only.

    gerald aigenbauer.
    Gerald Aigenbauer, May 11, 2005
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