Issues XP SP2 and VPC 5.2?

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by pml, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. pml

    Robert Comer Guest

    Not only that, but can a VM detect if it was paused or shut down (Save
    I think you're right, no way for it to know.

    - Bob Comer
    Robert Comer, Aug 13, 2004
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  2. pml

    Tim Tanner Guest

    I take the point. But for the sake of argument <grin>, with VM
    technology, you aren't transferring the OEM copy to a "new" machine.
    It's still running on the original PC - the CPU in the hardware executes
    it's instructions, the memory on the original CPU is where data and
    programs are stored, etc.

    But as ever, the only folks who can really tell are the lawyers, which
    is why the EULA is written by and for lawyers, not normal people.
    Tim Tanner, Aug 14, 2004
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  3. pml

    pml Guest

    Yup. In *my* point of view, there should not be necessary for any additional
    licenses for the guests, since they run on the same hardware box, and is
    intended for use by a single user (only) at the same time; and if VPC is
    installed with the intent of creating a "multi user" using a single license,
    enviroment, it falles under the "multiplexing" clause in the EULA.

    Also, you know that companies that takes regualar backups (say, has two
    backup copies: one stored at local site and one stored at an off-site secure
    location or are keeping backups of diffenrent generations) are at risk of
    breaking license rules, since they are likely to have more than allowed one
    (1) backup copy (of eg VHD-files)? (And, for the sake of curiosity, that
    someone that uses PC Anyware on a Windows 2000 machine to aid someone that
    is using an XP machine is a pirate, if it is allowed at all to use PC
    anywhere in lieu of "remote desktop", or if you give away a computer with XP
    installed on, and the one you give it away to hands it over to a kid of his,
    the installed XP license is in limbo state since the installed copy is legal
    but the new owner does not have a license of his own... )
    pml, Aug 14, 2004
  4. pml

    pml Guest

    Are there any known issues with SP2 (Servicepack 2) for Windows XP prof.
    I have run some quick tests with VPC 5.2 with WinXP sp2 (swedish). It's no
    extensive testing, just fast check of "will it crash and will it generally
    work". I didn't do any scientific test of other networking protocols (eg
    ipx) either.

    SP2 on host:
    No major issues. The icons on the host display seem to flicker slightly when
    there is "action" in the VPC window and lots of graphic elements on the host
    screen. (The firewall got turned off, not because of major issues with VPC,
    but rather because it stopped traffic to a another program I have; a web
    cache wich runs as a service.)
    On wfwg 3.11 guest; visiting a web site with complex HTML ( using
    IE 5.0 made win87em.dll zonk the session, but all the other web sites I
    tried worked alright and I didn't find any other major error, so I guess
    that is was not a VPC problem.

    SP2 on host; SP2 on guest
    No major issues. Acceptable performance, I guess. I don't have any reference
    since I don't use XP as guest myself. It managed to play the video file (300
    kbit/s WME 9 with complex encoding) ok, with some flickering and one second
    sound skips every 10 seconds (but that was same as when I tried sound from a
    guest long time ago), but with some flickering in "full screen" (guest) mode
    and it seemed to be stressed (somewhat distorted sound and a few crashes)
    when guest windows was fullscreen on host (1024x768) while playing the video

    SP2 did install Direct X 9.0c on the guest, so any application or OS
    requiring DX 9.0 without explicit 3D requirement should work. DX 9 under VPC
    seemed to allow "Direct Draw"-accelleration, but not Direct3D acceleration
    (and not AGP structure acceleration).
    pml, Sep 8, 2004
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