Its Back - dlna error 4405/2104

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by CigarXO, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. CigarXO

    CigarXO Guest

    Last night, for the first time, I saw and was able to play all the music
    folders/files streamed WIFI from my computer and external hard drive to my
    PS3. I was so happy. Today, I'm back to absolutely no folders showing up,
    though my computer, firewall, "processes" appear to be in exact same status???

    Below are my struggles over the weekend. I think hardwiring is the only way?
    Does anyone know - does the 80GB PS3 offer more/better WIFI?

    in original post:

    I'm trying to WIFI from computer to PS3 for home entertainment center. I
    have an external hard drive of music hardwired USB to Windows Vista Home
    computer with media sharing through WMP11. I've established Music Drive in
    "monitored" list for
    WMP and set "sharing" property for WMP & Music Drive through Network control
    center. I see and can play "Public" folder contents. I see all files/albums
    in WMP library on computer - but no folder/directory on PS3 monitor. Did
    have DLNA 4405 error until turned off virus program, disabled "dwm.exe", and
    enabled sharing of WMP (duh). This layering of file/folder/directory
    architecture and Vista
    security has me in knots!!! Do I have to change the "shareing" properties of
    every single folder/file in the music drive?

    CigarXO continues: Now after shutting down my computer for an update, I see
    that the sharing property within the folders of my Music Drive has moved down
    to subordinate folders one level. My Artist/Albums/Songs are still two more
    levels down. Will they be included, or do I have to change properties on all

    Also, When I look at "shared files/folders on this computer" on the Network
    Sharing Center - only some other directories are shown, iTune files I
    thought I previously set-up the same way. I do not see my "Public" and
    folder or external harddrive listed.

    Now when I return to my PS3, it recognizes my WMP11 media server, but I'm
    three steps backward with the old "DLNA error 2104" and no tracks listed,
    even the "public" folder I just saw and played 30minutes ago. I returned to
    my computer to turn-off firewall, spyware, and disabled Vista "dwm.exe"
    service - but no improvement. I'm totally frustrated - another 5 hours
    wasted on trying to network my system through PS3.
    CigarXO, Jan 7, 2009
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  2. CigarXO

    Vincent Guest

    You might check your router, some block UPnP by default
    Media streaming is not file sharing. I have the impression you are doing all
    kind of thinks to enable file sharing. File permissions etc are not related
    to media sharing.
    More details can be found here:
    Vincent, Jan 7, 2009
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