Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Keppy, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    I posted all the information Roland suggested in my previous thread of June
    2nd. I can not believe this. It is not working again. I have the exact same
    problem as before, but now I'm not bridged, I can't see any setting that are
    different for the other computers. I can ping all the computers from the one
    that won't connect to the network or refuses to give me access to the
    network, but all the other computers are able to share files and folders
    with this DAMN computer that won't stay connected to the network.

    When I look in Windows Explorer, Networks, I can see the network name and
    this computer under it. I don't list the other computers under the network.
    But If I try to access this computer through the network connection that I
    see, I get a "not available, may not have permissions" This is the computer
    I'm on.

    My broadband utilities that comes with my MS router shows the other
    computers listed as connected to the network but doesn't list this computer
    in the connected computers, yet the tools say I am connected to the internet
    and the network (I can access the internet!)

    All the other computers (three of them) have no problems communicating with
    each other and THIS computer.

    I don't understand what is going on with this computer that it won't stay
    connected or keeps having problems believing it IS connected to this

    Originally this computer was set up as the server. I don't know if that is
    the case anymore. They are more like peer to peer in that all the other
    computers can communicate with all four computers equally. Only this one
    will not see or even communicate with itself via the network connection in
    Windows Explorer (this computer is using OS XPpro, another wireless desktop
    is also using PRO, one is using HOME and one MEDIA but all are using XP)

    Keppy, Jun 10, 2004
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  2. If you can get on the Net, then the literal network settings of the NIC are
    correct. The "broadband device" is just a NAT device and NAT is a Layer3
    function, so it doesn't care squat about the rest of your Windows Networking

    You might want to have *all* the machines set their network setting to
    "automatic" and let the Broadband Device autoconfigure them using its DHCP
    features, then you will *know* that all machines consistant with each other.
    Since you only have a Workgroup and no DC you don't have to worry about
    keeping any server with a static address.
    What to do mean by "was" a server? XP Pro is not a server and it can not be
    a server.
    If there is no Domain Controller then you have a Workgroup. Workgroups are
    always "peer-to-peer" and can not ever be anything else.
    Workgroups depend on these things:
    1. Regular network settings must be correct and consistant between all
    2. Workgroup name must match on all machines
    3. File & Print Sharing must be enabled
    4. Something must actually be shared.
    5. All machines must have duplicate user accounts & passwords.
    6. Personal Firewalls on the machines must be disabled or very *carefully*

    If these are all correct the check the machine for "spyware".
    Go to Add-Remove Programs. Remove all non-essential and non-MS related
    "Internet Garbage" (Tool Bars, Search Utilities, and other things the
    programmer was too stupid to even capitalize in the "display name"
    properly). Programs with names in all lower case or all upper case, or with
    "cryptic" names that don't make sense is a "red flag".
    Download, Install, Update, and Run "Ad-Aware" from .
    Remove what it finds.

    Clear Temp Internet Files from browser's cache. Leave the browser's cache
    size set to the minimum of 1meg and select "every visit to page". Then
    update and run a full scan with your favorite AV software.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 10, 2004
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  3. Also disable any "power saver" features on the NICs.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 10, 2004
  4. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    ALL my computers are set to auto DHCP
    Great, they're peer to peer, I still can't get one desktop to behave.
    They are and they all can share. Even the one that I'm having problems with,
    the other computer can share with it.
    Exactly the same
    That's why all the computers are able to share, even with the one computer
    I'm having problems with, the other computers can access it's shared drives
    and files.
    I have shared drives, printers and external devices like peerless drives.
    All sharing nicely for all machine but one.
    What does this mean. all machines have only one user and password per
    machine and all can share except the one.
    During this attempt to connect this damn computer, I have disabled all
    software firewalls AND auto virus scanning.
    Have done so with both Ad-aware and Spybot
    All garbage has been removed, no recycled, no temp, no thinging.

    Phil, I have tried everything I can fine. I don't have a virus or anything
    else that I can find that would create havoc on this computer. As far as I
    can see, all the setting on this computer are basically the same as the
    other three. I tried removing the network and setting up a fresh network
    with a new name and 128WEP. All three computer are now connected to the new
    network and sharing nicely. This computer, when I drop down the networks in
    Windows Explorer, I see both networks. In my system properties, it shows the
    correct new network name, but the same problem. All the other computers can
    get on this one, but this one can't get, or even recognize, the others. The
    others MUST all be setup correctly, because if it wasn't for this computer,
    they're all sharing the cable connection, they are all logged onto the new
    network name, I can map drives from any of the three to any of the other
    THREE, including this one. This one desktop, it is the only one NOT
    wireless, it's connected by a network cable, not that that should have any
    affect... unless the problem is with that port on my router EXCEPT, I can
    get on the internet, so that probably isn't the case.

    Any other ideas? I'll try anything at this point. Did you see all the
    responses to your other questions in the previous thread? I did the ipconf
    and all the pings and posted everything for you to see.

    I had to take a valium last night. I'm the kind of person that doesn't even
    like taking asprin unless it's life or death. I am so stressed out. It's not
    just that it's a pain to have to go to another computer to get stuff
    transfered over for backup from this computer, but the fact that this
    problem exists and I can't fix it!

    Keppy, Jun 10, 2004
  5. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    Never liked power saver features and don't even use them on my laptops.
    Keppy, Jun 10, 2004
  6. Right, but these aren't in the same place as the other power saving stuff,
    most people don't even know they are there.. But it's probably not the
    issue anyway.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 10, 2004
  7. Ok. I just listed all 6 of those for the sake of being through. Sometimes
    the obvoius gets missed.
    The ideas are getting thin. Since this machine is the only one not
    wireless, maybe the encryption used by the wireless is getting in the way
    somehow, allowing them to see it, but not allowing it to see them...just a
    wild guess.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 10, 2004
  8. Is that one user spelled exactly the same and use exactly the same password?
    Phillip Windell, Jun 10, 2004
  9. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    No, all users are the same as the computer name but they all do have the
    same password.
    Computers are : P25 (laptop) 5205 (laptop) Sew (desktop ... in the sewing
    room... on a USB wireless adapter) and This computer, my mail computer
    named: Carol. Network name is not any of the above mentioned names.

    I was thinking, because I've been able to get this computer working, then I
    reboot and it's gone again, Maybe there is some automatic setting someplace
    that keeps getting in the way. I'm pretty sure the problems in not on any of
    the other three computers because they are all working perfectly and were
    all setup at different times, pretty much with ever default setting popped
    up, most of which I'm not sure about, but they are all automatically getting
    IP addresses from the router, they are all accessing the same network and
    they are all able to share the internet connection. So the problem is on
    THIS machine and only related to getting onto the network. It has to be
    properly connected to the router because I'm writing you and posting to the
    internet on this machine, which is getting it's internet connection through
    the router (4 port wireless router with hardware firewall) What ever setting
    are on any of the other machines doesn't seem to effect any of the other
    machines on the network, or this computer either, when it's able to connect
    to the network (like it did that one day when I unbridged everything).

    I don't know if this is a problem with the Microsoft Broadband Utilities
    that are installed on this computer, but they all look correct and those
    utilities tell me that I am connected and that the other three are also
    connected, to both the internet and the network.

    When I changed the network name on my other desktop, the one using the MS MN
    USB wireless adapter, I got a pop up that said Welcome to "the network
    name". I didn't get it on any of the others, but I did change the network
    name and WEP on the other computers. The only place I see to do that on this
    computer is in those utilities, and the System properties, in the computer
    name change area.

    That's all I can think of to tell you.

    Keppy, Jun 10, 2004
  10. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    After running your scenario from above (\\computername), now I can log onto
    the other computers shared drives. I don't know what gives. When I open
    Windows Explorer/network I see my new network name. When I click the + to
    see the connected computers I CAN SEE THEM. When I click on one of the
    shared drives on one of the other computers... it works, I can get on.
    GRRRRRRRRR.... I know the minute I say it's fixed, it's going to be broken
    again! I'm going to reboot and see what happens... but I'm afraid to, but
    I'm going to anyway.

    Keppy, Jun 10, 2004
  11. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    Well, as expected, It doesn't work again. I can see the FOUR computer under
    the network name in Microsoft Networks, but I can't access any of them. I
    get cant access or may not have permission. Now when I try \\computer name
    from the run I get "no network provider accepted the given network path.

    Is that helpful at all.
    I'm having problems with the Microsoft USB adapter too, I keep having to run
    the software to reconnect to the computer, but it does and when it does it
    works, But it doesn't stay either. I'm getting to believe my problem is MS.

    Keppy, Jun 11, 2004
  12. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    I disabled my local LAN device and then enabled it, and when I did, I got
    the popup that I was connected and I AM. Boy this is frustrating.

    Keppy, Jun 11, 2004
  13. Then it won't work.
    User names should never be the same as the computer name,...and all machines
    in the workgroup must have identical accounts using identical names and
    Phillip Windell, Jun 11, 2004
  14. It's because you have a Network Browser problem. That's why I wanted you to
    check the Event Logs for "Master Browser" issues. Network Browsing is not
    required for network activity, is only a "convenience", when you
    access directly from the Run line it works.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 11, 2004
  15. run

    Get rid of the USB stuff. USB is worthless for networking, and it doesn't
    matter who makes it.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 11, 2004
  16. Stop confusing "physical layer" networking, with Windows Networking,..they
    are not the same thing. The pop up is just saying that the hadware is "on".
    Phillip Windell, Jun 11, 2004
  17. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    I've always had my computer name and user names the same and it always
    worked until the last couple months. And only one of 4 machines doesn't
    work. Today again, when I disabled the local area connection and then re
    enabled it, it started working. I have only one user on each machine and
    that is the same as the name of the machine. I was not able to set up the
    network user names all the same, but I had no problem when I changed them to
    the name of the machine.

    Today I logged on with this computer and it wouldn't connect to the network,
    so I disabled the local area connection and when I re enabled it, all
    computers are not connected. I think there is something in those setting
    that I played with that I must have set to manual instead of automatic, so
    it doesn't start up when it's supposed to, but when I disable and re enabled
    the device, it starts up. Now I just need to figure out what it is.

    Thanks for all your patience and help Phil.

    Keppy, Jun 11, 2004
  18. Doesn't matter. I'm going to keep telling you the same thing. Having
    matching usernames & passwords on all machine in a Workgroup has been a
    "standard" since the days of Windows 3.11 and it isn't going to change. It
    is the way it has to be done.

    Seeing the machines and actually getting "use" out of the resources are two
    different things.
    Phillip Windell, Jun 11, 2004
  19. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    I don't have matching names and passwords. Each computer has a different
    name and log on, one is P25, one is 5205, one is Sew, and one is Carol. That
    is the computer name and the log on name for that computer. They all do have
    the same password. When I look at my network in the network connections I
    Network Name
    And they are all connected and working now that I've disabled and re enabled
    that device. All the others were always working OK. By OK I mean I can copy
    files back and forth between all the computers from any one of them. That
    way I can back up my main computer onto any one of the other three, or if
    I'm working on the laptop in my bedroom, I can pull a file off the main
    computer and continue working on that file on the laptop, then move it back
    onto the main machine so the file is updated when I go to work on it on the
    main computer. All computers have XP, but different versions. All I know is,
    it works... YEAHHHHHHHH

    Keppy, Jun 11, 2004
  20. Keppy

    Keppy Guest

    Phil, how can you log on with the same name? If you're already logged on,
    they can't log on again from a different machine? AND the user of machine
    doesn't seem to be as important as the computer. It's not the user that is
    part of the network, it's the machine. Each computer is connected, but it
    doesn't say anything about the user in the network connections, that I can
    see. Like I said, I can see the computers under the network name, but it
    doesn't mention anything about a user, only the shared drives and devices.
    Keppy, Jun 11, 2004
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