J.I.T. debugger script error on pop-up

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Peter A, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Peter A

    Peter A Guest

    Does anyone else have this?
    In IE7 whenever by clicking on an image (or other element?) a new window is
    opened to display some info, a Just in Time Debugger window opens reporting
    a script error. It appears 3 times before finally the intended window is
    If I actually allow the JIT Debugger to open my development environment, the
    error occurs in the following line of JavaScript:

    if (top_level_dom.Document.location.host.match(whitelist[w_cnt]))

    and the error message says "Permission Denied". The full JavaScript routine

    // returns true iff the top level document and all frames have a dss
    category < 2
    function site_dss_ok() {
    whitelist = new Array(/^stores\.yahoo\.com$/, /store\.vip\.yahoo\.com$/,
    /^stores\.ebay\.com$/, /^store.yahoo.com$/);
    for (var w_cnt = 0; w_cnt < whitelist.length; w_cnt++) {
    (top_level_dom.Document.location.host.match(whitelist[w_cnt])) {
    return true;

    var ok = true;
    if (top_dss_category > 2 || top_dss_popularity == "VERY_UNPOPULAR" ||
    top_dss_popularity == "UNKNOWN")
    ok = false;
    for (var dom_cnt = 0; dom_cnt < frame_dss_categories.length; dom_cnt++)
    if ((frame_dss_categories[dom_cnt] > 2 ||
    frame_dss_popularities[dom_cnt] == "VERY_UNPOPULAR" ||
    frame_dss_popularities[dom_cnt] == "UNKNOWN") &&
    ok = false;
    return ok;

    This is the script whatever web document is concerned, so I presume it's
    some kind of IE behind-the-scenes script that is always run.
    Peter A, Dec 7, 2006
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  2. Peter A

    Rob ^_^ Guest

    Hi Peter,
    Not realy sure but from memory, I think the release notes mention that
    window.helper objects are not supported in V7, so you can't call the
    top-level document from your popup.
    Any other toolbars installed?
    Guess - anti-phishing filter turned on?
    Do you have the debugger turned on on the Advanced tab of Internet Options?
    Rob ^_^, Dec 7, 2006
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