Just got Media Center, got a couple a questions. Regarding SP2...

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Mith, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Mith

    Mith Guest


    Recently in the past week I bought a Media Center from HP.

    I noticed it didn't have SP2 installed, so I installed it.

    Everything seems to be running fine, but my question is what exactly is
    Media Center 2004. In the properties of my computer it says I have SP2 but
    Windows XP Media Center Version 2002.

    On microsoft.com it says that once I put on SP2, my computer should
    automatically update to the 2004 edition. So how would I do that?

    Also with Media Center 2005 coming out, will I be able to upgrade my pc for
    free to that?

    Thanks alot for everybody who helps!
    Mith, Sep 19, 2004
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  2. Mith:

    I will comment on the "upgrade" question. All I can really do is share
    with you how it happened last time around when we upgraded from 2002 to
    2004. I owned what I believe to be the first comercially purchased MCE
    from HP (my local store had it out a week early). It ran MCE 2002.

    When MCE 2004 was released, it was the responsibility of the OEMs to
    provide the upgrade to their users if they chose to. HP being the
    pre-eminent OEM of the day was also the OEM that had it the most
    "together", which isn't saying much. To call it a fiasco is being
    kind... They had no clue what most people were talking about when they
    called; once they figured that out they tried to charge exorbidantly for
    it; they had ever-changing date estimates for the upgrade CDs;
    eventually they gave up and charged shipping only (for some). In the
    end, most people got the upgrade after about a month or two. Some paid
    for it and some did not.

    Other OEMs chose not to upgrade at all, enraging their customers. As
    for me personally, I'm sure that google will reveal that I was ready to
    walk away from what was my #1 passion and hobby - MCE. I was an unhappy
    camper, and I get red in the face just recalling this experience.

    So, that's how it went last time...

    As for next time, I have been pleading with anyone who will listen to
    help make sure that the upgrade process goes more smoothly this time.
    Will it? I hope so, but I assure you that I *will* lose sleep over it.

    That said, my advice to you (and this will be unpopular) is to get a
    commitment from HP regarding the upgrade ASAP or consider utilizing your
    retailer's return policy and wait for the MCE 2005 systems to hit the
    shelves. Several news sites are reporting that this will probably be
    October 12, but this has not been confirmed by Microsoft.

    Peter Near [MCE MVP], Sep 19, 2004
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  3. Mith

    Agent777 Guest

    My experience was totally oppisite. As soon as I heard about MCE 2004 I
    called HP and got a rep on the phone within a couple minutes. He knew
    exactly what I was talking about and sent the disk out promptly without so
    much as a shipping charge.
    Agent777, Sep 19, 2004
  4. Good to hear, thanks for posting!

    My version of history is potentially tainted by the fact I usually only
    hear from people who have had problems (that is the nature of a support
    newsgroup). Glad to hear that you had a postitive experience!

    Peter Near [MCE MVP], Sep 19, 2004
  5. Hi Mith...

    HP still cells MCE2002 PCs? That's a bit troubling... which country and
    which model? Thanks.

    As for the upgrade... the Properties page of my computer will still say
    2002, but if you launch MCE and go to Settings | General | About, it should
    say 2004.

    With regards to 2005... no official statements have been made regarding
    upgrade paths, but it is safe to say that it will follow the 2004 upgrade
    scenarios with the OEMs being responsible for both the *decision* and the
    *mode* of upgrade, including methods and fees. Smart OEMs would provide a
    free downloadable (perhaps in ISO format) upgrade, but I've not seen this
    with 2004. Likely, it will be a support call, pay for shipping and wait
    scenario. Hopefully the complaints from the 2002-2004 upgrade have been
    heard (I know Mirosoft has heard these complaints and passed them on to the
    OEMs) and lessons have been learned. I also hope that with the increased
    popularity of MCE, more of the OEMs will be on the ball with this upgrade.
    We can only hope and see what happens... and complain loudly if they don't
    get it right! Just remember that the problem is with the OEMs, not
    Microsoft. Because each OEM PCs is configured by the OEMs, the upgrade
    needs to also be configured for the OEM PCs and Microsoft can't do this.
    Michel Bordeleau [MVP], Sep 19, 2004
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