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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by -Phil Clemence, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. I just noticed how pretty Vista is.
    I just noticed that Vista sucks ass.
    I figure that is the best way to start in this group so that everyone knows
    where I stand.
    I will pick on Vista. I will defend what seems reasonable and condemn
    MVP means nothing to me - I have seen all types with MVP sigs.
    All that matters is honesty and fairness.
    A little defensiveness is fine, as there are many who condemn the good along
    with the bad, the simple bug or oversight along with the lack of common
    sense. A little ranting is fine, as there are many who defend the
    indefensible as well as what should be defended.

    I bough an HP with Vista Premium preinstalled.
    Vista looks nice...
    Hmmm I set the Menu to 'classic' for the time being to facilitate faster
    browsing and familiarization, but the Vista style is smooth and cool , with
    the arrow to switch between ALL PROGRAMS and shortcuts, the nice doo-dads
    (Sidebar goodies), etc ...
    A little fiddling to set up file sharing (4 computers on router = 2 XP , my
    Vista and co-workers laptop Vista)
    Did a migrate from my old XP, but it was a 5 years old , and got too many
    duplicate and crossed settings, etc.
    Well, I have had a thousand programs on and off that poor thing , so ...
    Did a restore with HP factory image .. ahh.. clean start again :) (I will do
    that again to set this up for another user, when my new XP is here (I want a
    motherboard with room to add stuff, and a mature OS compatible with some
    older stuff).

    I have checked out basic stuff, connected network printers, explored and
    checked out some admin stuff.
    A little confusing looking for things unless I choose "classic" views in
    some places, (as I do in XP) but the future user won't care about that
    The grouping is pretty logical - I am just used to alpha numeric
    organization ;-)
    A couple of things bother me. They do not prevent me from doing anything,
    but may prove to be indications of annoying things in my future Vista

    1) When I copy, move or delete a folder, the window shows how many files are
    being moved and where they are being moved from and to, but there is nothing
    saying what folder is being manipulated. NO EXCUSE for that, in MY opinion.
    It is evidence of Rain Man type thinking ;-)

    2) My biggest worry (possible indication of similar thinking in design) is
    the setup for Windows Media Center. It is the worst I have ever seen (I have
    used about 100 different media players over the years, starting with Win95)
    Rain Man thinking is one thing, and I can forgive that - it is to be
    expected to some degree from programmers and most seems to get caught on the
    way out the door, but the sort of thinking behind Media Center in NOT to be
    They threw common sense and function to the side and created some
    fact that there is no fully viewable menu (tabbed if need be) indicates that
    whoever (whatever group) decided to create the "experience" do not have the
    best interest of users in mind. THAT is very bad.

    More to come, as I work with this - yes I know about many of the problems
    others have had and have done some research to speed up my familiarization,
    but I won't post what I happen to have seen already. This is just for
    venting and possibly discussion. We have all been warned.
    For each rant I will try to say something nice, too. It is up to Vista to
    give me the nice to relate...
    I continue to play with this and will have more complaints, as an OS
    deserves ;-)
    Annoyances are NOT bugs, and impatience does NOT mean it is broken.

    Go slow - never expect an old habit to be comfortable with a new OS, and
    never expect a new OS to run old programs ( I tested two the future user
    will want - they seem fine). Patience grasshoppers.
    It shore is purty!
    -Phil Clemence, Oct 20, 2007
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  2. I forgot to mention something about setting up networking and file sharing
    that is a bit different than in the past.
    It is a bit more multi-layered and absurd.
    Now I have to balance that with something nice ...
    Well ... now Network Administrators will be as frustrated as everyone else!
    -Phil Clemence, Oct 20, 2007
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  3. Welcome to the party Phil. Something tells me Frank won't be you pal.
    I'm sure you can handle him easily. LOL!
    Adam Albright, Oct 20, 2007
  4. Well, look at it this way, no one's stopping you from using what you want.
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Oct 20, 2007
  5. -Phil Clemence

    Lang Murphy Guest

    Well, as Andre pointed out, we're all free to use whatever we want to... the
    new Ubuntu is about to be released. I hear that too is purty.

    I admit to liking Vista. It's never crashed, not once, on the five different
    systems on which I've installed it. (Clean installs on all... no upgrades

    My main complaint, and not a little thing either, is the file copy screw up.
    Maddening, to be sure. (Much more maddening than UAC, to my way of
    thinking... but to each his, or her, own...)

    Not sure about your Media Center setup complaint. You didn't disclose which
    type of setup you did... I did an express setup here and no problems that I
    could detect.

    I have no problem with folks having issues with Vista. I have issues with
    Vista. I do have a problem with posters who position themselves as being all
    knowing and label everyone who doesn't agree with them an idiot fanboy.

    Guess we'll find out which type of poster you are...

    Lang Murphy, Oct 20, 2007
  6. -Phil Clemence

    Chris Game Guest

    Of course they are!
    Chris Game, Oct 20, 2007
  7. I did the Media Center Edition and now find I can't even install WMP 11 !
    Well, I don't need to intall it as this will be used by someone who might
    like Media Center fine (a novice, but I will set it up for him).
    Once it is set up , I don't care so much, but mistakes in original setup can
    lead to files left where you don't want them, etc
    The gripe about the menu system in Media Center is more about how the setup
    should not be a new experience ;-)
    I can get used to different interfaces for use, but setup should be as clear
    and concise as possible.
    So, I am not so bothered by the setup itself (no problem , I will be doing
    it again anyway) but the fact that the setup could have been designed that
    way. Why would they do that?
    -Phil Clemence, Oct 20, 2007
  8. Of course they ... oh, nevermind.
    Believe what you will.
    -Phil Clemence, Oct 20, 2007
  9. -Phil Clemence

    Lang Murphy Guest

    No clue. That's kinda like asking why is the sky blue. Someone can answer
    you, but will the answer make any sense?

    Lang Murphy, Oct 26, 2007
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