Just started geting syncrinization errors on log off.

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by TC, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. TC

    TC Guest


    I just noticed that I am gettings an error on log off and was wondering
    if someone might be able to give me a hand.
    First off I don't believe that I have added any software or created an
    GPO's on either my XP machine or my w2k3E machine.

    When I log off my XP machine my folders sync as normal. Then the user is
    logged out and as the screen says "saving user settings" I will get and
    error about my profile not being available. The same error you get when
    logging on when a machine can't contact the DC.

    Any idea's what this might be?

    The only other thing that is out of the ordinary - or not is if I log on
    locally using the default admin account on log out it tries to sync with the

    Thank you,


    The obvious fake address is not meant to offend.
    Rather it is for protection. I have been using Usenet for appox. 15 year and
    have had some undesirable outcomes.
    Please post all replies to the News Group.
    Thank you.
    TC, Apr 9, 2005
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  2. TC

    TC Guest

    I have some more information. Not ot much though. First the error is not the
    same as when you log on and there is no profile. Since I don't have paper I
    can not quote it for you right now. But the error says something about
    permissions or loosing a network connection.

    The network connection is there. Since it happens with botha the LAN and
    But again this shows up when saving settings which happens have it
    closes down the network connections.

    The only thing rightnow I can do to help is to give myself domain admin
    privlidges. However, i'd prefer to be a domain user. I do have ownership for
    the directories that the profile is saved in.

    I'm not sure what info to give so ask away. When I get some paper I will
    write the exect error.

    TC, Apr 9, 2005
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  3. TC

    TC Guest

    After many long hours on Google. I found something about reinitilizing the
    cache for Offline Files.
    After doing that. Things were fine.

    Just in case no-one knows this while holding down both Control and Shift
    while click "Delete Files". Acknowledge the warning then click the reboot

    Then your down.

    TC, Apr 28, 2005
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