Just want analog ch 4...no IR...no recording...no guide...just analog ch4...cannot do it

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by joewo, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. joewo

    joewo Guest

    So my setup has my video fed via a simple cable from my DVR to my
    computer as I want to only watch the video and audio on my computer
    from my DVR out.

    - I have a PCTV 800e USB tuner that feed the computer USB port
    channel 4 analog.
    - I want ch 4 analog
    - I dont want guide anything....I am in the US yes but it downloads
    the US setup files every time
    - I do not have IR anything...but MC keeps forcing me to choose an IR
    or the channel setup fails
    - When I try to setup analog ch 4 it makes me choose a cable provider
    but I dont want that as I dont have that along with an IR which has
    that IR setup or the whole channel setup fails and back to zero.

    MC is horribly horribly presumptive as it keeps sending me down other
    roads and forcing options on me I do not have and then the setup
    fails. A couple times somehow the small sample picture showed the
    video but it always fails to finalize the setup and then back to the

    I just want analog ch 4...PERIOD. Cant do.

    HOW ON EARTH can I get this main issue to happen


    Does MC allow recording to a computer and then edit the video and
    export to another format such as Windows Media Video WMV (Windows is

    joewo, Jul 30, 2011
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