KB913446 Failure

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by John J. Jobst, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. The subject update fails to install on WSUS clients after approving it for
    installation. It also fails from the Windows Update Web Site and Windows
    Automatic Updates. It works perfectly if you download it from Microsoft
    Windows Downloads. Any word on when it will be fixed? Thanks.
    John J. Jobst, Feb 14, 2006
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  2. I was just about to post the same issue.
    I'm seeing very high failure rates with this patch.
    Martin Blackstone - MVP, Feb 14, 2006
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  3. Problem appears to be universal. There's a bit of discussion in the Vista
    cafe newsgroup about this as well. Looks like we'll need to wait for
    microsoft to fix this for WSUS and MU. Otherwise you can install it
    successfully by downloading from

    Kevin Severud, Feb 14, 2006
  4. John J. Jobst

    Wade Godfrey Guest

    I'm seeing the same problem on my network. Tried the download to 3
    different machines, all of them failed. The error I'm seeing is a
    Download Failed error with error code 80242006, which I believe
    corresponds to invalid metadata. Looks like Microsoft needs to take
    another look at this one.
    Wade Godfrey, Feb 14, 2006
  5. Folks:

    After the release of MS06-007 today (Tuesday 14 February 2006) , Microsoft
    became aware of an issue affecting the installation of MS06-007 (KB913446).
    After investigating the issue we validated reported failures to install the
    security update through Automatic Updates, Windows Update, Windows Server
    Update Services and Systems Management Server 2003 when using the Inventory
    Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU). As some of you noted, the issue did not
    affect customers who installed the updates through Software Update Services
    or through Systems Management Server when not using ITMU, or manually
    installed the Security Update from the Microsoft Download Center.

    We also validated the issue did not affect the security update MS06-007
    (KB913446) itself. When successfully installed, MS06-007 fully protects
    against the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) vulnerability. Also,
    the installation issue only affects MS06-007; no other security updates were
    affected by this issue.

    We have updated the release for these distribution channels to correct the
    issue. Customers who encountered this issue should take the following
    1. Automatic Updates (AU) - AU customers need take no action: the new
    updates will automatically download.
    2. Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) - WSUS Administrators who had
    synchronized their WSUS Server to obtain the updates released on Tuesday 14
    February, before 8:30PM PST that evening should manually synchronize their
    WSUS Servers and approve the new updates.
    3. Systems Management Server 2003 with the Inventory Tool for Microsoft
    Updates (ITMU) - SMS Administrators should who had synchronized their
    servers to obtain the updates released on Tuesday 14 February, before 8:30PM
    PST that evening should re-synchronize their servers for the latest updates.
    4. Microsoft Update (MU) and Windows Update - Customers who visited MU and
    WU before 8:30 PM on Tuesday February 14th, should revisit MU or WU and
    accept the downloads being offered to them.

    Our investigation has determined there was an issue in the distribution
    infrastructure in handling this particular update which has been identified
    and resolved. Microsoft is taking steps to prevent similar issues from
    occurring in the future.

    Bobbie Harder
    Program Manager, WSUS

    This posting is provided "As Is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at
    Bobbie Harder \(MSFT\), Feb 15, 2006
  6. John J. Jobst

    Hank Arnold Guest

    Thanks for posting this. Just another example why I recommend that people
    follow the MS newsgroups.....

    Also, another example of why it's a good idea sometimes to wait a day or so
    to test on a small group of machines before rolling updates out to large
    numbers of systems....
    Hank Arnold, Feb 15, 2006
  7. John J. Jobst

    sportsnut2 Guest


    KB913446 failed during download via windowsupdate yesterday, so I manually
    downloaded that update from:

    The KB913446 update shows up in 'add/remove programs' under control panel,
    which I'm led to believe is absolute confirmation that the KB913446 update
    was installed successfully.

    However, when I subsequently go to windowsupdate to check to see if there
    are other 'critical/high' updates, it doesn't even list under the 'updates
    already installed' that that update has been installed (it just lists it as a
    failed install twice--it had failed both times during the download process &
    never got to the install part of the process).

    Is the listing under 'add/remove' prgrams for 913446 the only confirmation I
    Please advise. Thanks!
    sportsnut2, Feb 15, 2006
  8. Hi,

    When installing an update manually yourself, you will not find this
    installation in the WU history, but that will not cause any issues.

    If you got no error messages during the manual installation, and you
    can locate an entry for the update in Add/Remove Programs, you can
    safely assume that it is installed successfully.
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Feb 15, 2006
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