KB925902 update causes STOP:c000021A fatal error at boot

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by J Barker, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. J Barker

    ljwolfe Guest

    I tried this and got the message "There is no floppy disk or CD in the
    drive." I have the Recovery CD in the drive. What should I do?
    ljwolfe, Apr 17, 2007
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  2. J Barker

    madbob Guest

    I installed Ghost and made backup just in case BSOD again.
    (Notes: Ghost backup needed Net framwork)

    Then I installed kb925902, and it booted up and worked okay.
    No BSOD.
    I don't know after sometimes of usage, I'll let you know.
    madbob, Apr 17, 2007
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  3. J Barker

    ubetcherazz Guest

    Once again, thanks for nothing Microsoft !!! what a bunch of morons.
    Microsoft help and support is totally useless...they want money just to get
    support for a product I ALREADY PAID FOR.

    OK, now that i have had my rant...

    my XP Pro SP2 machine worked fine last night, no updates were performed
    recently. this evening i booted it up and got:

    STOP: c000021a (fatal system error) The session manager initialization
    process terminated unexpectedly with a status of oxcoooo26c
    the system has been shut down

    ---if i could id punch bill gates in the mouth. Any suggestions???
    ubetcherazz, May 10, 2007
  4. J Barker

    P. McCoy Guest

    I see this thread mainly deals with this problem in XP, however I have had my
    old Windows NT (2000) system at work crash out with the same symptoms after
    doing a Windows Update last weekend (looks like the first one that was done
    since last December).

    Can anyone advise on a fix specific to NT, or is it the same as the
    procedure listed below?

    Many thanks in advance...

    P. McCoy, Nov 3, 2007
  5. J Barker

    acguarnica Guest

    I'm running Windows Vista premium and I can't even install this update.
    acguarnica, Jun 3, 2008
  6. J Barker

    iamneo Guest


    I noticed your searching and posting about this issue on the web... and
    finally came across your solution..

    Many thanks, as this stupid update took down my windows 2003 server... Not
    wanting to lose a whole week of clients data, I was so glad to see this

    I thank you... for saving my server...

    I only wish Microsoft would own up to issues like this one. How an update
    can take down systems is beyond me.

    Interesting is that this kb925902 update only killed one of my 2003 servers.
    Of course it had to kill the one that had the most important info...

    Thanks again....

    Neo... June 22, 2010
    iamneo, Jun 22, 2010
  7. Neo,

    Why are you only now installing a security update from 2007?

    The corresponding KB article mentions an issue with some printer drivers which
    can cause a system crash, but nothing about failures to boot. If they were
    common, it is likely that the problem would be documented.

    In more general terms, when an update causes a system to fail the most common
    causes are an already existing malware infection or faulty device drivers or
    other third-party kernel-mode components (such as antivirus software).
    Unfortunately there are too many possible combinations of hardware and software
    out there for Microsoft to test updates on all of them.

    (Once in a while the update really is at fault, of course, in which case
    Microsoft usually withdraw the update until it can be corrected.)

    Harry Johnston [MVP], Jun 23, 2010
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