Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by silver hair, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. silver hair

    silver hair Guest

    I Reinstalled Windows from scratch and the Installation went good
    But problem with Updates,

    errors in Event Viewer over 1600 of them SERVICING
    Windows Servicing identified that package KB955430 (Security Update) is not
    applicable for this System

    the same message for KB968537

    I have tried to Uninstall KB955430
    but the uninstall button don't respond
    right click no drop down
    so I can NOT uninstall this Updates
    or is there in other way

    I have installed only Important updates

    SP1 is now in hidden updates wait a bit to install that
    or will it fix this
    silver hair, Jun 10, 2009
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  2. May we assume you're running Vista Gold (no Service Packs)?
    Why? Did you format & do a clean install or did you do a Repair Install
    (AKA In-Place Upgrade)?

    What anti-virus application or security suite is installed and is your
    subscription current? What anti-spyware applications (other than Defender)?
    What third-party firewall (if any)?
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Jun 10, 2009
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  3. silver hair

    silver hair Guest

    thank you
    yes Gold no service pack :)
    Vista Home Basic 32 bit SP2 ( Emachine)

    I had Linux installed and wanted it out, so I used Linux to Format C, one
    big partition.

    Unplugged from Internet and
    Installed from Disc that came with computer, Operating System Disc
    when done 06.01 GB used Space, the rest free
    and no errors nor warnings in Event Viewer

    Connected to the Internet, straight to Updates,
    NO Anti virus, only firewall and defender as came from Disc

    and I Installed Important Updates only

    after that Event viewer was loaded with Errors and Warnings
    and NO service pack

    SP1 did appear in automatic Updates till 2 days later

    after reading more of the error reports in Event Viewer
    one reads:
    The server could not bind to the transport\Device\Netbt_Tcpip (.....)because
    another computer on the same network has the same name. The server could not

    perhaps that's my problem, I changed one Computer name now
    and I am Installing SP1 now
    will know later if it improves
    (SP 2 probably shows up soon have it on other computer)

    so NO answer is requested now, I was too hasty
    silver hair, Jun 11, 2009
  4. YW. If you encounter any problems installing a Serice Pack or update via
    Windows/Automatic Update, you may need to download/install the System Update
    Readiness Tool (Apr-09) *if* Windows/Automatic Update doesn't offer it. See

    NB: There are a number of SP1 Prerequisite Updates which must be installed
    before you'll be able to install SP1. Ideally, they'd all be offered by
    Windows/Automatic Update. See

    PS: SP2 will not be offered until you've gotten SP1 installed.
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Jun 11, 2009
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