KB979910 or KB2481109 installation causes STOP: 0x0000001 APC_INDEX_MISMATCH

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by CharlesEF, May 20, 2011.

  1. CharlesEF

    CharlesEF Guest

    Hi All,

    I have a Presario F557US laptop with 1.8GHz AMD, NVidia chipset, 512MB
    RAM and Vista Home Basic.

    Now for my problem, whenever I install either of the 2 above mentioned
    updates causes a STOP: 0x00000001 error. This error shows up 99
    percent of the time when I cold boot (power on) my laptop. The 2nd
    boot goes through the recover process with the end result telling me
    Windows could not fix the problem. The 3rd boot process will boot
    into Vista.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I could look for? BTW, this is a
    brand new install of the OS and Applications.

    Thanks for any help,

    CharlesEF, May 20, 2011
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  2. CharlesEF

    CharlesEF Guest

    Hi All,

    Well, I thought these 2 updates were my problem but after turning off
    the laptop for 1 night I found the STOP error back again the next

    I need to look elsewhere for the problem. If anyone has any ideas
    please post.

    Thanks for the help,

    CharlesEF, May 22, 2011
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  3. CharlesEF

    MowGreen Guest

    Error Message:

    Give this forum a try, Charles -

    Vista - Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

    Post the requested information to - Crashes and Debugging

    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten

    "Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked
    MowGreen, May 23, 2011
  4. CharlesEF

    CharlesEF Guest

    Hi MowGreen,

    Thanks for the links. I have since started over and so far the STOP
    error has not showed up. However, if it does return at least I now
    know where to get help.

    Thanks for the help,

    CharlesEF, May 26, 2011
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